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May, 2009

IDEA Fitness Journal - May, 2009
A Choreographed Cool-Down
Reinvigorate the end of class with a familiar song and groovy moves.
Paving the Way for a Healthy Pelvic Floor cec
Turn on the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System with triplanar movement and functional education.
Developing a Mental-Skills Performance Plan for a Client
It’s not just elite athletes who can use mental imagery to improve performance; your clients can, too!
Mother-Daughter-Inspired Fitness
These group fitness duos share more than just genes; they also share choreography and a passion for exercise.
Sample Class: Something for Everyone
Use simple circuit segments to get the entire class involved.
Knead Massage?
Massage therapy can make a big difference in your personal training business.
2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention™
Find all the new programs, strategies and solutions you need to succeed in any economy.
The Bare Bones cec
Women can increase bone health while decreasing the chances for injury or disease.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Get a cross-section of your membership involved in your programs.
Teaching Pilates Mat Work
Helping your students connect with the exercises is both a science and an art.
The Strategic Acquisition of CECs
Help build a successful career by carefully planning your continuing education courses.
Women’s Health Research Update cec
The lowdown on current research that can help you empower and educate female clients.
Focusing on Fat Loss
Jade Teta discovered that optimal success comes when the client takes the wheel.