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5 Ways GymNet is Empowering Personal Trainers in the Digital Era


Remaining competitive in the personal training industry requires embracing solutions to acquire new clients while not compromising on price. Many trainers take advantage of affiliate marketing avenues that promote their services to a wider audience to increase booking volume. One challenge with affiliate marketing companies, like ClassPass, is that they take a percentage off of the trainer’s rate as a service fee, leaving the trainer with less revenue per booking which can impact a trainer’s bottom-line.

1. No Trainer Service Fees

Unlike other affiliate marketing companies, GymNet, an Atlanta-based startup founded in 2022, provides a commission-free alternative to help trainers and gyms fill their schedule and grow their client base without compromising on the value they deliver to clients. The GymNet platform also provides trainers with additional benefits including profit maximization, increased client loyalty, a seamless user experience, and the elimination of payment delays.

2. Trainers Control Their Rate

As a personal trainer, it is critical to determine the appropriate rate for your services so that you can maximize your profit margin. The way a trainer operates impacts the amount one should charge for their services. For example, if a trainer is an independent contractor, her rate should take into account any overhead costs associated with running her business. On the other hand, if a trainer is an employee at a health club, he may charge a lower relative rate since he does not have as much overhead in operational costs. Whether you are an independent contractor, a health club employee, or a gym owner, GymNet enables all trainers to set their own rate as opposed to other affiliate marketing companies, like ClassPass, that use auto-pricing algorithms that can reduce your take-home pay.

3. Increase Client Loyalty

Client loyalty is crucial for a trainer’s business growth. By eliminating trainer commissions on GymNet, clients know that their investment directly supports the trainer which enhances their trust and connection, leading to a higher referral rate. For today’s consumer, however, referrals are often not enough to complete a purchase; reviews and direct messaging are ever important. GymNet provides clients and trainers with the opportunity to message back and forth and review one another after each workout session. This increased visibility and communication enables organic client growth on GymNet and increased trust from referral sources.

4. Easy To Use

While affiliate marketing solutions aim to bring new clients to trainers, it is crucial for these platforms to be easy to use. A difficult user experience can be detrimental to the success of affiliate marketing strategies. GymNet’s intuitive user interface guides clients seamlessly through the search, booking, and payment processes. Unlike other solutions like Find Your Trainer that require clients to answer multiple questions about their fitness goals before being able to search, GymNet puts the reins in clients’ hands. Clients immediately have visibility into nearby trainers and may filter by key criteria like workout type or certification. By eliminating friction in the client experience process, GymNet optimizes client acquisition for trainers on the platform.

5. Zero Payment Delays

Another common challenge that personal trainers face day-to-day is deciding when to collect payment. While collecting payment at the end of sessions or asynchronously after a session is completed gives clients options, it puts additional risk on the trainer. Collecting payment up-front or in advance of a session is ideal for trainers to create a stable revenue stream. However, there are a variety of means by which different trainers collect payments which can be confusing for clients. With GymNet, clients can expect a consistent payment process at the time a booking is accepted which creates additional trust and eliminates payment delays for trainers.

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