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Spring-Clean Your Resumé

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Your resumé can make or break your chances of securing your dream job. Is your resumé due for some spring cleaning? Amanda Vogel, MA, owner of Active Voice, a writing, editing and consulting service for the fitness industry, in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers these tips on how to upgrade your resumé:

  • Consider Technology. Gone are the days of strictly hard-copy formats. Many employers prefer to receive resumés electronically, so be sure to have a PDF version available. A PDF ensures that the formatting of your resumé remains intact.
  • Compare and Contrast. Online resources such as LinkedIn allow you to compare your resumé with millions of others. Take note of resumés that optimally communicate the person’s experience, job skills and attributes.
  • Be Original. A recent report revealed the top 10 most overused words and phrases in LinkedIn profiles. Examples include innovative, motivated, team player and proven track record. Delve deeper into what you mean by innovative or motivated. Perhaps you were the first in your location to introduce a new type of training; or maybe, as a self-employed group exercise instructor, you’ve attracted a strong following and filled your classes in 3 months.
  • Give Details. Using a term like fitness instructor or personal trainer is not enough for a resumé. Go beyond past and current job titles. Concisely explain the skills you’ve used in your jobs, and outline major projects you have contributed to or managed.
  • Write Right. Proofreading is of obvious importance. Beyond that, make sure you use the same style throughout your resumé, to show
    attention to detail. For example, if you use uppercase for a job title, use that same style for all job titles, for consistency.

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Ryan Halvorson

Ryan Halvorson is an award-winning writer and editor, and IDEA's director of event programming.

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