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Curbing Restaurant Cravings

Going to a
restaurant while trying to lose weight or adopt healthier eating habits can
present a real challenge. For many dieters, dining out is a time when
temptations can win out despite the best intentions. Fear not: there are ways
to stay strong in the face of all those temptations. Just follow these tips,
which are part of an educational campaign by the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention and the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

  • Order
    a healthy beverage, like tomato juice or grapefruit juice, instead of an
  • Substitute
    black beans for the less-healthy refried beans when ordering in a Mexican
  • Opt
    for tomato-based sauces—not cream sauces—when ordering off an Italian menu.
  • Request
    real fruit in place of processed fruit in your smoothie concoctions.
  • Always
    get the lettuce, tomato and onions when ordering any wraps, sandwiches or
  • Opt
    for healthier toppings, like green peppers, mushrooms and artichoke hearts,
    instead of sausage or pepperoni, on your pizza.
  • When
    ordering a grilled meat entrée, ask that your side of veggies also be prepared
    on the grill.
  • Choose the brown rice or pasta over the white, processed versions.

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