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April, 2008

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2008
Physiology Refresher
When was the last time you brushed up on a few basics about the human body?
Tricks of the Trade: Q&A
How do you help clients to be “whole people” rather than simply physical beings?
Top 6 Lessons for Coaching Runners
Winning tips for winning races.
Truly Private Training
Giving clients ultimate privacy is the secret to Nicki Anderson's success.
The Secret to Client Retention
Use a facilitator approach to empower clients and keep them coming back to you.
Pilates and Breast Cancer: Rebuilding the Foundation
A two-phase Pilates program helps breast cancer survivors regain function.
Scheduling Variety
Meet demands for fun programming with new equipment, props and the great outdoors.
Sample Class: No Equipment Needed
Try a unique and effective body-weight workout with no clean-up required.
The Fitness Farm
Use these animal-inspired exercises to jazz up your group strength or boot camp class.
Guiding New Instructors
Maureen Hagan, PT, 2006 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, has the finer points of mentor program administration down to a science.
How to Be a Great Instructor
When teaching the adult learner, create a welcoming, motivating and trusting space.
Tricks of the Trade
“What is the biggest challenge in your personal training career?”
Taking SOAP Notes
Clean up your client documentation using a system favored by the medical community.
The Business of (Relieving) Pain
Correcting dysfunction, one client at a time.
Physiology Refresher
When was the last time you brushed up on a few basics about the human body?
How to Finance a New Fitness Studio
Create a business plan that will have investors lining up to fund your start-up fitness venture.
Managing Your Money Before It Manages You
Learn how to create healthy fiscal fitness in a debt-burdened world.