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Mobility Workout

Find connection and completion with these cooldown movements.

Reach-Through to T-Spine Rotation

Mobility exercises aren’t just for the warmup! While they’re often seen as “extra” in a workout, why not reframe that thought and make mobility moves an integral part of class? It will certainly help participants maintain quality movement, especially if you incorporate such moves consistently, as a simple way to give joints some needed attention. Here’s a bonus: Adding a mobility workout to the cooldown may kickstart the parasympathetic nervous system and reconnect people to controlled breathing and body awareness. Perform the following sequence once, doing five reps per exercise (or five per side). Additional tips:

  • Stay within an accessible range of motion.
  • Don’t overextend or force.
  • Cue deep, full, diaphragmatic breaths and tell attendees to keep their shoulders relaxed. It’s okay to pause and take extra breaths as needed.

Adductor Rock With Rotation

Adductor Rock Mobility Workout

  • From tabletop position, extend right leg to side and flatten foot on floor.
  • Tuck left toe under and sit hips back toward heel to stretch adductor.
  • Pause and exhale, then rotate R toes toward ceiling. Flatten foot on floor before rocking back to starting position. Repeat, other side.
  • From standing, do lateral lunge, resting hands on knee. Rotate toes toward ceiling.

Reach-Through to T-Spine Rotation

Reach-Through to T-Spine Rotation

  • From tabletop position, place L hand—palm up—underneath R armpit, reaching as far as possible while sitting back toward heels.
  • Pause and exhale, releasing through lats and shoulder. Return to starting position, bringing L hand toward L ear. Finish by moving L elbow upward while opening chest.
  • Exhale when rotating and push into floor, R hand assisting. Repeat, other side.
  • From standing, sit into semi-squat while resting R hand on R knee. Bring L arm underneath R arm and rest on R knee. Extend into T-spine rotation Arm Angels Mobility Workoutwith L elbow, pushing R hand on R knee. Repeat, other side.

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Arm Angels

  • From seated or standing, bring palms, forearms and elbows together.
  • Keep arms together, inhale and sweep fingertips back toward base of neck. Let elbows start separating naturally around nose level.
  • As arms separate, open elbows to side, exhale and squeeze shoulder blades down, engaging lats. Allow elbows to rest toward hips, chest open.
  • Return to starting position; repeat.

Split-Leg Open Book

Split Leg Open Book Mobility Workout

  • Lie on side, shoulders and hips stacked, arms forward, fingertips together. Bring top leg forward, leg straight.
  • If needed, support neck with foam roller, yoga block or pillow.
  • Inhaling, open top arm upward. As arm drops behind, pause and exhale. Allow chest and shoulders to open as lower back releases.
  • Return to starting position; repeat, other side.
  • From standing: Bring lower body into split stance, L foot forward. With both arms in front of body, open L arm back toward R heel. Repeat, other side.Cervical Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) mobility workout

Cervical Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)

From seated or standing, relax shoulders and sit tall. Lower chin to chest.

  • Pause and exhale; bring chin toward L shoulder.
  • As you inhale, tilt head back, bringing chin up toward ceiling while keeping torso still. Exhaling, bring chin down toward R shoulder before returning to chest.
  • Reverse movement and repeat.
  • Stay within comfortable ROM. Back out if there’s pain, or reduce ROM.

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Lizelle Din, NASM-CPT

Lizelle R. Din, NASM-CPT, is a coach who believes movement is for everyone. She focuses on body awareness and mental tenacity in her work and loves supporting clients as they take the strength and confidence they build in the gym out into the world. She is a Functional Range Conditioning® mobility specialist and a kettlebell sport coach.

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