Farm Sanctuary, which has been rescuing neglected and abused farm animals for more than 30 years, has organized three “plant-powered” events—timed 10Ks, fun runs and noncompetitive walks. The first will be in New York City on June 10, the second in Los Angeles on September 23, and the third in San Francisco on November 11.

Although the runs will be fundraisers for its three sanctuary farms—in Watkins Glen (New York), Acton (Southern California) and Orland (Northern California)—the events will also highlight plant-based eating as a healthy and compassionate way of life.

Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur, who was instrumental in passing the first U.S. laws to ban inhumane factory farming practices, says, “Powering our bodies with plants is a great way to stay healthy and thrive, and it’s also better for animals and the environment. If we can live well without causing unnecessary harm, why wouldn’t we?” Community Plant-Powered Run events will be held in other cities across the country in the fall. Visit to find an event near you.