Coaching Your Fitness Clients: Inside Out

by: Margaret Moore, MBA

Inner IDEA

Teach clients how to listen to their "inner family" and resolve disputes that get in the way of exercise.

You don't need me to tell you—the research is in! Exercise is a breakthrough medicine. In the long term, it enhances the health of our brains and bodies. It improves neuroplasticity and learning (Hotting & Roder 2013) and helps us avoid, delay or treat many health issues, both physical and mental (CDC 2017). What's more, we don't need research to tell us we feel good and perform well if we exercise—when we move our bodies with enthusiasm and vigor, we get calmer and clearer, our energy increases, and we are more productive.

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Fitness Journal, Volume 14, Issue 3

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About the Author

Margaret Moore, MBA

Margaret Moore, MBA IDEA Author/Presenter

Margaret Moore, MBA, is the founder of Wellcoaches Corporation and a co-founder of the Institute of Coaching at McLean/Harvard Medical School. Margaret also holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and was an executive for 17 years in the biotech industry in the UK, Canada, France, and US.