Have you ever wondered how your business is perceived in your community? Is your bottom line faltering, but you have no idea why? Perhaps your business lacks character. Dave Anderson, president of Dave Anderson’s Learn to Lead sales and leadership company, offers the following suggestions to help build character—and business.

Avoid White Lies. Half-truths,
white lies and small fibs can erode the
character of your company. Many organizations large and small have been undone by telling white lies. Tell the truth—no matter how unsavory—
to earn your community’s trust.

Honor Commitments. Not all tasks associated with owning a business
are pleasant. But a sure-fire way to ensure enduring returns is to keep all commitments you make. Keeping promises will demonstrate your integrity to your consumers and your employees.

Go Above and Beyond. Many organizations give the bare minimum; stand apart from your competition and overdeliver. Find out what your competitors are doing, and do it better.

Be Truthful in Advertising. Making false promises and attracting people to your services through misleading marketing will undermine your company’s reputation.

Give Up Grudges. Take time to consider your relationships with competitors, current and former employees and anyone else you’ve dealt with. Are they all in good standing? If not, now may
be the time to reconcile differences and let go of energy-draining grudges. A
resolved conflict may hold the key to
future opportunity.