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April, 2010

IDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2010
IDEA Home Study (Take CEC/CEU test online now!)
Test your knowledge and earn up to four continuing education credits/units.
Cellulite: A Review of Its Anatomy, Physiology and Treatment cec
There is more to cellulite than meets the eye.
The Pilates Chair: From Classical to Contemporary cec
This versatile equipment can meet a wide range of needs, from postrehabilitation to athletic conditioning to small-group training.
Hybrid Fitness Professionals–The Best of All Worlds?
Achieving competency and success in multiple realms takes more than multiple certifications.
Boot Camp Body Reboot
During the warm-up, don’t just get the blood flowing—wake up the whole body with an integrated approach.
Destination Fitness
Increase your income by offering services to visiting tourists.
You Want Me to Eat When?
Why meal timing and frequency are important to helping your clients successfully lose weight.
Strength in Numbers
A team effort helps Miguel win at losing.
Sample Class: Mat Pilates: Interchangeable Props
If you don’t always have access to the same pieces of small equipment, improvise.
How Fast Is That Music?
Learn how to calculate beats per minute using the Tendy Formula.
Person with bad posture
Posture Correction for Static Damage cec
Think of the three “S”s—Sitting, Standing and Sleeping—when making postural adjustments.
Barefoot Running cec
An exciting new training dimension to consider for certain clients.