Off-Center Ball Training

by Jonathan Ross


Think you’ve seen it all with stability balls?  This DVD will introduce you to new concepts in stability ball training that will help you get more from your core workouts by moving your center of gravity off-center from the ball.  You will discover why these exercises provide maximum benefit from a low volume of training, leading to more efficient workout times for you and the people you work with.  You will learn many new exercises, but more importantly, you’ll be ready to create more of your own and know when to use them.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.


Excellent presenter with some cool, creative new exercises!

Great ideas!

Some of the best resistance training I have ever seen. a winner!

GREAT IDEAS!!! Used some in MY CLASS tonight!! Came away with a lot of tools for my classes. EXCELLENT!

Really fun and great ideas!

Loved it, new interesting exercises, well thought out and executed

Great class. I thought I was going to die!

Most informative session I took. Very efficient with time block and covered lots of ground.

He is an outstanding presenter. His delivery was perfect. This was my favorite session out of all of my sessions because he was such a great presenter with great moves...

Very innovative, nicely presented... loved the ideas.
By Jonathan Ross

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Session Handout: Download PDF

Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Lecture Play
3. Off-Center Stability-Ball Exercises Play
4. Practical Application Play

About the Presenter

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross IDEA Author/Presenter

Jonathan Ross is the owner of Aion Fitness in Bowie, Maryland. He is a finalist for the 2009 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year award and the recipient of the 2008 Exercise TV's Top Trainer and the 200...