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August 2010

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - August 2010
Sample Class: Bounce!
Recreate recess with medicine ball drills.
Fitness for Cancer Survivors cec
Research supports the benefits of exercise for clients who have cancer—here’s how best to leverage the research for programming.
Stretching—A Research Retrospective cec
An in-depth analysis of the myths, truths and controversies.
Pilates for Low-Back Pain
With its gentle, whole-body approach to recovery, Pilates is a good choice for clients with back pain.
The Elephant in the Room: Nutrition Scope of Practice
Where do fitness professionals draw the line when it comes to dishing out diet and nutrition advice?
Refine Your Cuing
Communication involves more than simply speaking into a microphone.
Pilates for the Overweight Client cec
Use compassion and sound Pilates principles and techniques to empower obese clients and help them find their centers.
The Bare Bones cec
Women can increase bone health while decreasing the chances for injury or disease.
Sample Class: Pool Circuits for Older Adults
Share inspired intervals with seniors.
Behave Yourself!
Boundary setting—a look at the client-trainer relationship.
Brand Identity Confusion
With the pressure to know multiple class formats, now more than ever group fitness instructors can benefit from personal branding.
Shake Up Your Warm-Up
A dance-inspired warm-up can be a tremendous boost to any class format.
Yes! You Do Burn Fat During Resistance Exercise
There is now concrete evidence that fat is being used as a fuel during and after resistance training.
Off-Center Ball Training
Use asymmetrical and unilateral movements to create new core challenges in your ball workouts.
Protein Quality, Form & Function cec
What athletes should consider in order to achieve optimal physical performance.
Creating Your Own Educational DVD
Discover the five steps to producing a new revenue generator.