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April, 2009

IDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2009
Calorie Burning: It’s Time To Think “Outside The Box”
Optimize energy expenditure with these 7 programs that burn a lot of calories.
Sample Class: Pool Circuits for Older Adults
Share inspired intervals with seniors.
How to Outsmart a Tough Market
With more competition than ever before and an uncertain economy, fitness pros talk about what it takes to survive—and thrive—in an era of change.
Behave Yourself!
Boundary setting—a look at the client-trainer relationship.
Brand Identity Confusion
With the pressure to know multiple class formats, now more than ever group fitness instructors can benefit from personal branding.
Training Tips for Vegetarian Athletes
One runner’s personal testimony that you can be a vegetarian and still keep up with the competition.
Shake Up Your Warm-Up
A dance-inspired warm-up can be a tremendous boost to any class format.
Yes! You Do Burn Fat During Resistance Exercise
There is now concrete evidence that fat is being used as a fuel during and after resistance training.
Mindful Exercise and Chronic Disease
A brief introduction to working with clients who have chronic but stable conditions.
Creative Classes That Inspire
Remember to keep the “group” in group fitness with engaging ideas.
Off-Center Ball Training
Use asymmetrical and unilateral movements to create new core challenges in your ball workouts.
Knee-Deep in Pain
Justin Price, MA, helps his client get back in the game.