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How to Design Successful Group Exercise Classes

Learn how to design group ex classes through equipment consolidation and pod programming.

Ybell training class

Teaching group exercise classes is one of the most challenging skills in the fitness industry. Whether teaching in a club, studio or outdoors, you need to be prepared for anything. The goal is to reduce the number of challenges in running classes and to provide a great experience to keep members coming back.

Common Challenges of Group Exercise Training

Here are some challenges of group training that you may be facing:

1.     finding new, interesting and affordable equipment

2.     creating distinctive classes and programming

3.     training trainers to lead exciting classes that members want

4.     space limitations  

5.     excessive equipment needs and changing equipment during sessions 

6.     progression and regression of movements can be complicated 

7.     pre-and-post-class arrangement can be time consuming

One simple and effective solution that clubs and studios around the world have implemented is the use of YBells, a more modern, flexible and safe alternative to dumbbells.

How Can YBells Help Group Fitness?

YBell founder, Aaron “Az” Laurence, has been a group exercise instructor for over 15 years. He started using traditional equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells to create his own modality of high-intensity resistance training (HIRT).

Increasing class sizes made it difficult to continue incorporating multiple pieces of equipment into each session.

Az set out to create a piece of equipment that would reduce these challenges and allow him to deliver a fun, efficient class for each client.

Enter YBell, a unique 4-in-1 fitness tool that’s compact and portable, offering endless training options. The YBell is a dumbbell, kettlebell, dual-grip medicine ball and push-up stand in one.

YBells allow you to structure workouts to easily transition from one exercise to the next without the need to change workout stations or swap equipment.

Reasons YBells Are a Great Fit for Your Fitness Facility

1. A Single YBell Replaces 4 Pieces of Equipment

YBells are a dumbbell, a kettlebell, a double grip med ball and a push-up stand all in one piece of kit. As a 4-in-1 fitness tool, YBells eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment, which lowers costs.

 2. YBells Offer Unlimited Exercise and Workout Variety

YBells are an easy-to-use and progressive piece of equipment for Every Body. YBell grip transitions allow users to go from stability work to strength endurance to hypertrophy and even power/plyometric work.

3. YBell Fitness Offers Digital and Live Coaching Courses

Digital or live YBell Coaching Courses help train your trainers up to new and fun programming opportunities.

 4. YBells Are Fantastic for Limited Space

YBells allow for single area training where each client stays in their space for the duration of the workout.

5. YBells Grips Eliminate Excessive Equipment and In-class Equipment Changes

The unique multi-handle design of the YBells allows users to go from dumbbell bicep curls to kettlebell alternating high swings to med ball squat presses to push-up rows, all by simply changing your grip. Endless exercises and combinations are available.

6. YBells Simplify Movement Progression and Regression

With many capabilities and ease of use, YBells make it easy for instructors to provide clients with progressions or regressions as needed without an equipment change.

7. YBells Are Easy to Set Up and Put Away for Group Workouts

YBells are compact and easy to set up, put away and store with each group workout, especially when combined with YBell Storage Solutions

Designing, managing and teaching a great group exercise class can be a big challenge, don’t let your equipment and the same programming routines become hurdles.

Learn more at https://ybellfitness.com.

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