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Fitness Journal
 March-April 2020

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Gut health and sleep
The Gut-Sleep Connection
Research unravels the amazing link between sleep and the gut.

Unleash Your Greatness and Build a Career That Inspires
Join us at the IDEA® World Convention, July 8–12, in Anaheim, California.


Skill based training for cognitive health
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Client Success: Pliant Programming
Clients and trainers can thrive with a flexible approach.

2 Focused Areas to Improve Accuracy and Consistency in a Golf Swing SPONSORED

Ex Rx: Training Loads for Women Over 40
Research supports specific weight-training protocols for helping females retain muscle mass as they age.


Masala chickpeas
Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


Band workout
Class Takeout: Sample Class: Band Blast!
Add a little rubber resistance to cardio intervals.

Health Coaching/Behavior Change: The Forgiveness Factor
Learn how the act of forgiveness can affect your health.

Recovery: Using Periodization to Promote Optimal Recovery
Help clients recover from intense training without the need for expensive gadgets.

Skills & Drills: Tubing for Two
Working in pairs builds camaraderie, boosts group dynamics and bolsters attendance.

Ebb: Row Recovery
This cooldown leaves participants feeling energized and mobilized.


Linda Morreale
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Meet an IDEA Team Member: Linda Morreale
Get to know our educational products manager.

Editor's Letter: Hello, New Website and Member Perks!

IDEA Body Lab: All Ears
Make some noise for the organ that always listens.

Fitness Handout: Helping Teens With Obesity
Focus on healthy habits!