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Core Storm

Sample Class: Core Storm
Optimize your functional training circuits.
By Tim Borys, Crick Nelson and Fraser Quelch
Many facilities offer some type of “core” or “functional” training circuit classes. While these may meet club members’ demands, instructors don’t always have formal knowledge of their subject. This can be detrimental. A successful circuit is designed with a goal in mind, and the exercises should reflect this. It is also important to consider participants’ fitness levels and injury status. A good instructor knows how to progress, regress and modify exercises in a matter of seconds without breaking stride or disturbing class flow. Common modifications include changing angles, range of motion and movement speed– skills that come with education and practice. This sample circuit is a small taste of the multiple exercises and progressions that fall under the functional/core-conditioning umbrella. music pace are not issues. Choose popular music from a variety of genres that has a fast enough beat to keep people motivated. Remind participants (especially those used to choreography) not to exercise to the beat. Warm-Up: Lead the group in an easy jog around the room, progressing to a random path around, through and over the equipment (without touching it). Vary the warm-up by adding a range of activities, such as walking lunges, bridges and push-ups, and by changing direction, level (high, low, medium) and speed. General Instruction: Tell participants to find a partner and a station. Each station focuses on a different set of muscles. There will be crossover, but one parameter (e.g. strength, power, agility) will be used more than others. Participants should maintain proper technique and activity for the entire minute. If form begins to suffer at a station, modify the exercise to make it easier for the remainder of the interval, or encourage a short rest. STATION 1: BOXING Face your partner in “fighter’s stance.” While one holds the focus pads, the other–wearing the boxing gloves–practices jab and cross movements. Switch after first minute. STATION 2: MEDICINE BALL PASS/BODYBLADE First Minute: Sit on ground facing each other, knees bent, feet slightly touching. Maintain neutral posture while leaning back approximately 30 to 45 degrees. Partner 1, hold medicine ball at chest level, rotate chest and shoulders, return to center and pass ball to partner 2. Alternate. To increase difficulty, hold arms farther from the body while rotat-


Core Storm Details
Format: circuit for 36 participants Stations: 9 (2 pairs per station) Station Time: 2 minutes (switch exercises after 1 minute on most stations) Total Time: 35 minutes for one circuit, 60 minutes for two circuits (including warm-up and cool-down/stretch) Goal: to offer a full-body functional workout that involves core and joint stability through a range of speeds, intensities and body positions Equipment Needed: 2 pairs of boxing gloves, 2 pairs of focus pads, 12 mats, 6 medicine balls (2 each: 4, 6 and 8 pounds), 3 Bodyblades, 12 stability balls, 8 BOSU

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