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20 IDEA World-Renowned Presenters Share Advice on Success and Happiness

Over 200 world-renowned presenters will bring their expertise, dedication, passion and enthusiasm to their sessions at the upcoming 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, July 15–19 in Los Angeles. These well-respected experts are constantly giving out tips and inspiring us to live better and be more successful. We asked some of this year’s most influential and motivating IDEA World presenters to share the single piece of advice they would give another fitness/health pro to help him or her live a successful and happy life.

Get ready to be inspired! Here are their answers:

1. “Never accept other people’s limited perceptions of you. Define yourself. You can do anything.”

Jeanette Jenkins, President, The Hollywood Trainer LLC

Quote 2 World2. “Don’t make it all about you. Inspire, motivate and support those around you!”

Eve Fleck, MS, Owner, Gym Without Walls

Quote 3 World3. “Decide what you want in your life and career, take action every day to get closer to what you want, and hire a coach who’s where you want to be to help you get there faster.”

Rachel Cosgrove, Owner, Results Fitness and Results Fitness University Inc.

Quote 4 World4. “Never tire of showing your compassion for people who need your gifts; meet people where they are and help bring them forward in a loving way. You will have more opportunities than you can handle if you start all endeavors with a love for lifting others up!”

Leslie Sansone, President, Walk Productions Inc.

Quote 5 World5. “Move against your fear! I think a lot of people, myself included, become paralyzed when it comes to taking risks or trying something new to advance their professional careers. For example, we will hesitate or get stuck launching a new program or concept, or even going after new clients because we are worried that someone else is doing something similar or that we might be told no. Don’t let your fears hold you back from following your passion. Relentlessly pursue what you believe is your purpose, and greatness will come.”

Alex Isaly, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Radius Master Trainer for NBC

Quote 6 World6. “Always know your WHY— your purpose, your cause, your belief. This will guide you and inspire you for years to come.”

Shannon Fable, Director of Exercise Programming, Anytime Fitness Corporate

Quote 7 World7. “Strive to find more work-play (life) balance. The negative impact of stress on our lives is often ignored and undervalued. It can unravel everything you work so hard to achieve.”

Fabio Comana, MA, MS, Exercise Physiologist

Quote 8 World8. “Stay curious about your clients, your profession and yourself.”

Nora St. John, MS, Education Program Director

Quote 9 World9. “Discover your WHY. Why did you choose to work in fitness? Why not some other field? Why are you willing to work long, odd hours to help others look and feel their best? Getting clear on why you’re in this field is, maybe, the most important career move you can make. Once you discover your WHY, you can get crystal-clear on everything you should be doing to be happy, to move your career forward, and to be in alignment with your goals, your purpose and your passion. It’s the one piece of information that makes a thousand decisions for you in advance. It becomes your compass for whether to take this opportunity or that one. It allows you to remain true to the reason you started in fitness in the first place, no matter how confusing or complicated or overwhelming things may get.”

John Berardi, PhD, Co-Founder, Precision Nutrition

Quote 10 World10. “Choose your lane! Pick one thing you really love and become an expert at it.”

Jeffrey Scott, National Group Fitness Manager of Cycling, Equinox / Schwinn Lead Master Trainer

Quote 11 World11. “Mastery Inspires Others! Don’t try to specialize in too many things. Pick one or two things that you can master and aim to be the best. Others are inspired by mastery!”

Dan McDonogh, Senior Manager of Performance Training, Under Armour

Quote 12 World12. “Put your oxygen mask on first. Take the time to do the things that make you happy, healthy and fulfilled so that you can then build others up from that place.”

Farel Hruska, National Fitness Director, FIT4MOM

Quote 13 World13. “The best way to serve others is to challenge and expand your mind, body and soul every day.”

Brett Klika, CEO, SPIDERfit Kids

Quote 14 World14. “Keep learning and growing. The fitness industry is always changing; to stay motivated and current, you need to keep learning.”

Keli Roberts, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor / Owner of Keli’s Real Fitness Inc.

Quote 15 World15. “There’s always more than one path to career happiness and success.”

Amanda Vogel, MA, Fitness Writer, Blogger and Social Media Consultant

Quote 16 World16. “Focus on serving. Contribute and donate to our global community, and consider doing so in anonymity. Life does not have to play out on social media. Try hard. Never quit. Make a difference.”

Douglas Brooks, MS, Director of Athlete Conditioning, Sugar Bowl Academy

Quote 17 World17. “Be the most positive person you know and then spread that attitude and energy to everyone you touch. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Todd Durkin, MA, Owner, Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises

Quote 18 World18. “Work on your business as much as your fitness. Having a successful business allows you to sustain your passion. The balance of the two means freedom to have abundance, happiness and peace.”

Fabrizio Mancini, DC, Self-Healing Expert and TV and Radio Personality

Quote 19 World19. “Be authentic, laugh a lot, serve others and engage and work with people who challenge and inspire you.”

Amy Dixon, National Creative Manager for Group Fitness, Equinox Fitness Clubs

Quote 20 World20. “In my twenties I chased my body. In my thirties I chased my business. Now, in my forties, I finally get it and I’m just living life in the moment. Always remember your happiness is defined by you, not by your body, your business or your accomplishments.”

Mark Macdonald, Creator and CEO of Venice Nutrition

Join these presenters and over 200 more at the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention™. Will you be there? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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