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Expand Your Skillset With Pilates and Mind-Body Movement

Merrithew™ offers online and in-person certification courses and workshops for fitness professionals from all disciplines.

Merrithew mind-body education

In today’s rapidly changing health and wellness environment, fitness professionals have to remain as up to date as possible on the latest research developments, fitness trends and best training practices to deliver the optimal results to clients and build long-lasting businesses.

At Merrithew™, we go to great lengths to ensure our education programs apply modern principles of exercise science and the latest fitness practices, including fascial movement concepts, biomechanics of movement, functional fitness and core-integrated body-weight training.

We are passionate about providing our students, who come from all fitness disciplines, with a deeper understanding of movement so they can create safe, effective and innovative programming for all clients.

Here are some of the training options we offer to help you diversify your skills and knowledge through Pilates and mind-body movement to keep your clients engaged, motivated and eager to keep moving with you in person and virtually.

1. Online Education Options for Every Fitness Professional

Looking for a convenient and accessible way to advance your education and gain Continuing Education Credits through a reputable and internationally recognized organization?

Merrithew’s online and in-person education programs are designed to complement and enhance fitness professionals’ existing knowledge, teaching skills and programming ideas. We provide you with practical concepts and techniques that you can immediately apply to your sessions with clients.

Choose from dozens of online mind-body workshops in STOTT PILATES®, ZEN∙GA®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™ and Halo® Training. Learn to specialize in a particular niche, such as pre- and postnatal, athletes or active agers, or pursue an in-person certification course to deepen your understanding of biomechanics and the mind-body connection.

Find training near you.

2. Experiential Learning on Merrithew Connect™

Through Merrithew Connect™, our mind-body streaming platform designed to empower fitness professionals at every stage of their education journey, you’ll discover new ways to teach, learn, program, cue and move.

Experience Merrithew education in action with coaching and insights from our Master Instructor Trainers Moira Merrithew, PJ O’Clair, Laureen DuBeau, Kim Kraushar and Wayne Seeto.

It’s a whole new way to live, breathe and embody your education.

3. Learn From Your Peers—Join Our Community

Browse the Merrithew blog, where our team of experienced mind-body instructors share their teaching tips, client success stories, exercise technique videos and business strategy insights.

And join the conversation on our Instagram, where you’ll learn from instructors around the world on such topics as how to boost clients who are feeling demotivated and which stretches to do after being sedentary.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Learn—Just Keep Doing It

Merrithew has options for everyone—from fitness and healthcare professionals looking to elevate their teaching skills to fitness enthusiasts looking for a career change—including certification courses, online workshops, a streaming platform, and an informed and engaged community online. Take your education to the next level and deepen your clients’ movement experience with Merrithew.

Launch your mindful movement career today.

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