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Better Days Ahead

Personal Trainer Institute 2021

It’s been about 9 months since the world was turned upside down by COVID-19. As I write this around Thanksgiving, it’s hard to imagine how much longer we will be in these murky pandemic times. Since it’s been foolhardy trying to predict anything in 2020, it is with profound optimism that I write the following: By the time you read this, I hope we are through the worst of the autumn and winter surge; I dream that a vaccine has been (or is about to be) approved and deployed to frontline responders and the most vulnerable; I pray that there is a solid plan to replicate the medicine and get it to the rest of the world—stat. Our most heartfelt condolences go to those of you who have lost loved ones, friends and colleagues to this horrific blight.

Despite the tragedy of human loss and the damage wrought on our businesses, we must carry on. Our industry continues to roll with every changing DEFCON alert handed down by states and municipalities. You keep finding new ways to build—and then rebuild—your business models. After being shut down, you moved first online, then outside, then back inside, then back outside to newly winterized parking-lot arenas. We’ve seen you squeeze every ounce of ingenuity out of yourselves and then watched you find more and better ways to keep your teams and clients motivated. Bravo to the most determined and nimble group of professionals we’ve ever known! With grit, you are holding it together as you cross the border into 2021 clutching your infrared thermometers, your personal protective gear and the latest iteration of your business plan.

To honor your commitment to seeing this through, the IDEA events team has planned an innovative, game-changing experience for 2021 IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute Virtual (March 6–7). It will give you the intel you need to embrace the industry’s challenges and new norms. It will connect you with industry leaders and like-minded colleagues to share your greatest hurdles and identify solutions you can implement the very day the conference wraps up. Glimpse the possibilities and find inspiration in the event brochure: ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/2021-idea-personal-trainer-institute/.

In other event news, know that the team has worked tirelessly to determine what the 2021 IDEA® World Convention should look like. While I’d love to tell you we’re looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim as planned, the status of live events there precludes that from happening. But you can be certain that our virtual event will deliver the same level of expert education, industry know-how and fun camaraderie that you have come to expect from IDEA. Stay tuned to ideafit.com and watch for updates on 2021 IDEA® World Virtual.

Apply or Nominate a Colleague for the 2021 IDEA World Fitness Awards

On a final note, the 2021 IDEA World Fitness Awards—which honor the brightest minds in group exercise, personal training and fitness leadership—will be presented at 2021 IDEA World Virtual. We are accepting applications for individuals in each field who have demonstrated exemplary service and inspiration in their communities. To view the qualifications, nominate a colleague or apply yourself, visit ideafit.com/awards. The application deadline is March 12, 2021.

Hang in there, friends. There are better days ahead. Keep your sights focused forward and maintain your momentum in this newest of new years: 2021, here we come!





Sandy Todd Webster

Editor in Chief





P.S. Please note that while we do our best to depict the current state of COVID-19 in our imagery, it’s not always feasible to show people masked in every photo. We appreciate your support and understanding.


Sandy Todd Webster

For 22 years, Sandy Todd Webster was the chief architect of IDEA's content program - including the award-winning IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL and IDEA FOOD & NUTRITION TIPS - the industry's leading resources for fitness, wellness and nutrition professionals worldwide. She created, launched and nurtured these brands and many others during her productive and purposeful IDEA tenure. Sandy is a Rouxbe-certified professional plant-based cook and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach who is pursuing a Master's degree in Sustainable Food Systems through The Culinary Institute of America (expected August 2024). She plans to combine these passions with her content expertise to continue inspiring others to make the world a more just, healthy and regenerative place.

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