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Fitness Journal
– January-February 2021

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Virtual group fitness
Ramping Up Your Virtual Zoom Studio
Tips, tricks and serious hacks for an unforgettable virtual group class.

21 Best Practices to Help You Survive the New Normal
Learn how three expert fitness business owners are navigating the same potholes and detours you are in this pandemic landscape.


Weight bias and obesity
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Research: Water Workouts Make a Splash
Is water walking as effective as land walking for better health? Yes!

Client Success: Aging Into Fitness
Two late bloomers find better health and growth through training.

Ex Rx: Prepare Clients for the Hiking Trail
Design a program that highlights endurance.


Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


gyms open, people exercising
Class Takeout: Sample Class: Slam It!
Focus on strength, agility and mobility in this hard-hitting, high-intensity class.

Inner IDEA: Discover Your Purpose
Four steps to help you unlock a life of genuine fulfillment.

Skills & Drills: Tips on Teaching Virtual Fitness Classes
Engage participants like a pro, even from a safe distance.

Ignite: Prep the Shoulders Before Play
Address all planes of motion to get this ball-and-socket joint ready for action.


Teeth anatomy
IDEA Body Lab: Toothsome Facts
A healthy serving of tooth wisdom to chew on.

Fitness Handout: Train Your Feet
Making your feet more functional can help the rest of your body.

Editor's Letter: Better Days Ahead

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Meet an IDEA Team Member: Chris Dotson
Get to know our Inspired Service specialist Chris Dotson.