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Transforming Body and Spirit

Subjects: Demi and Larry Mazzola

Location: Demi-Lawrence Body Works in West Hills, California; and Spirit Slide in Woodland Hills, California

Sharing Responsibilities: Larry has expertise in body mechanics and nutritional products, so he trains extensively at Demi-Lawrence Body Works, plus pays the bills. Demi, on the other hand, is an outstanding motivator. She gives the tours; explains the brochures; answers information calls; and does consultations, meal planning and progress reports. She also manages the Spirit Slide studios and promotions.

Their Clientele: Clients range from ages 12 to 86 (most are 35 to 65) and from professional athletes to people in wheelchairs.

Group Support: At Demi-Lawrence Body Works, clients train in small groups every 90 minutes. They warm up on a stationary bicycle or treadmill, weight train on machines and free weights, follow their own workout (personalized by Larry) and finish with a cool-down. “Groups help us keep our prices low and provide clients with workout buddies, which increases accountability,” Demi says. Most clients also participate in the EAS Body-for-LIFE Challenge, which motivates them to set and reach goals. (The challenge is judged on before-and-after pictures and answers to questions that reveal how people have changed their lifestyle and transformed themselves from the inside out.)

Client Successes: Demi and Larry are extremely proud of clients Arlene and Dan Harris. “Arlene is 68 years young, has been weight training with us since 1999 and looks like a fitness model,” says Demi. “When she smiles, her face glows with health and radiance. She is an incredible example for everyone around her.”
When Arlene first began exercising, her husband, Dan, was not doing the same. He was almost 100 pounds overweight, going to physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff, on blood pressure medication and eating a poor diet. “His physical therapist told him that the only way to repair his rotator cuff was through surgery,” says Demi, “but Arlene had seen how many people Larry had helped with previous injuries. So Dan began to train with him in January 2002.”
Larry carefully helped Dan improve his shoulder and coached him to a weight loss of 49 pounds in 12 weeks. As he continued training, he lost another 40 pounds. In February 2003 Dan was named the 2002 Grand Champion in the 50-plus category of the Body-for-Life Challenge, an event that has more than 700,000 entrants. Today Dan and Arlene celebrate life with new meaning and appreciation and are studying to become certified personal trainers.

Innovations for the Future: Demi and Larry are always interested in creating something new to help clients. Because of this, Demi created the Spirit Slide program and opened the first Spirit Slide Studios in November 2003.
“Spirit Slide is a mind, body and spirit training program,” says Demi. “The Spirit Slide is a piece of equipment that works the lower body while the upper body is worked freestyle. Clients work in private rooms, using cordless headsets to listen to an audio program filled with positive affirmations; guided imagery; and uplifting, rejuvenating music. After their training session, I talk with them about their experience and what was enlightening about their session over a cup of green tea.”

Biggest Challenges: Inspiring the World to Fitness™ can be demanding. “We have devoted our lives to helping others succeed,” says Demi, “but we do not spend enough time taking care of ourselves with the same passion! Our day doesn’t end until 10:00 PM and then we prepare dinner or the next day’s meals. We are hoping to find people who share our same passions and desires so we can delegate more and help more people in other arenas.”

Why They Love Their Work: “Watching people transform from the inside out can inspire anyone, especially if you contributed in some way to making that happen!” says Demi. “We’re not just transforming bodies. We are helping
broken spirits, getting people off
medications, curing lifelong pains, reconditioning injuries, encouraging
preventative health, improving strength and helping children.

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