Aerial Silks, at Twisted Bodies™ in Denton, Texas, teaches this athletic circus art discipline in the style of Cirque du Soleil®. Participants learn to climb the paired lengths of fabric that extend from the ceiling, wrapping or tying them around the body to execute dramatic drops and poses. Classes promote strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

In Ninja Kids Class, offered at Conquer Ninja Gyms at several Minnesota locations, instructors teach kids aged 5–10 to develop ninja skills and strength on a variety of obstacles. These fun, interactive offerings build strength, balance, endurance and teamwork.

Spin/Box Fusion at REVive Studio in Frazer, Pennsylvania, begins with 30 minutes of indoor cycling, followed by 30 minutes of boxing. This high-intensity, upbeat fusion elevates heart rates and conditions the entire body. The studio owners aim to provide a fun, unique and empowering fitness experience.

Sanda Kickboxing at Class One MMA in Brooklyn, New York—also known as Sanshou or Chinese kickboxing—is a self-defense system and combat sport. This style was originally developed by the Chinese military and blends elements of traditional kung fu with modern combat fighting techniques. Practitioners strike with punches, kicks and knee drives.

Power Stryde, at MyStryde in Boston, works participants on and off treadmills for a real challenge. The format includes 4–8 minutes of treadmill intervals that alternate with 4–8 minutes of strength exercises. A special equipment feature allows participants to add a challenge boost by switching into “dynamic mode,” meaning they become the sole source of power for moving the belt.

Powerumba, offered at Powerumba® studio in North Miami, Florida, is a fitness dance class that blends the moves and styles of many genres, including salsa, merengue, samba and more. Classes build from simple to complex, allowing participants to begin with more basic steps and progress to more challenging choreographies. The class strives to help students enhance coordination and cardiovascular capacity, lower stress levels, and improve self-esteem.