217 Proven Tactics to Get More Clients

Learn tons of practical and proven tactics that will EXPLODE your sales! No fluff, just right to the point in twenty 10-minute sessions that teach you exactly what to do NOW!

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Talking About Money and Overcoming Objections

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In these 20 sessions, you'll master how to:

  • Approach a potential client
  • Market the brand of YOU
  • Feed your sales funnel
  • Talk about money
  • Close the deal
  • Overcome objections
  • Get tons of referrals
  • Build lifelong relationships

We’ve also included SECRETS of highly successful trainers so you get insights of what works from people who started out just like you!

Plus you'll get easy-to-do action steps at the end of each session to get you started immediately on the path to building more sales, a better business and ultimately a better life.

Includes 20 video sessions, averaging 10-minutes each, for 3.5 hours of the best sales tips from the trenches, this stuff REALLY works! And you’ll get an IDEA Certificate of Completion for completing the course.


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Session 1: Pre-Sale Overview


Almost everything in life is about sales, and you need to have the right mindset.

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Session 2: What is Sales?


Get your head straight about what sales is, and what sales is not. Redefining this in your life will start you on the path to success.

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Session 3: What’s Your Purpose?


In order to master sales you have to have a work purpose you’re aligned with. Understanding your purpose is an important step to committing to your success.

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Session 4: Be Attractive


Be someone people are attracted to. Great trainers radiate confidence and take tremendous pride in the art/science of selling and themselves as human beings.

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Session 5: The Art of Connecting


You must effectively engage in order to successfully connect and start to build a relationship.

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Session 6: Marketing the Brand of You


Marketing is simply “funneling” people into your “sales” process. Get more people into your funnel!

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Session 7: Values—Team Wins


Few of us have ever achieved success alone. You need understand who’s on your team and strengthen that team.

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Session 8: Sales Overview


Now it’s time to dive in and start selling.

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Session 9: 4 Ways to Work a Room


Approaching someone you don’t know can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Become a master at working the room.

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Session 10: The Art of a Winning Consultation


Take the time to listen and identify the needs of your clients so you will be able to prescribe options they can’t resist.

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Session 11: Develop & Present the Solution


Show your unique value proposition! Get them to visualize where YOUR solution will take them.

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Session 12: Talking About Money & Overcoming Objections


Talk about money with confidence. It’s just a formality when you get the rest of it right.

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Session 13: Learning to Love “No”


You’re going to hear a lot of “no’s” and that’s ok. You need to learn to love “no” because they are part of your success.

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After the Sale

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Session 14: After the Sale Overview


You EARNED the Sale. Now you really need to focus on building that lifetime relationship.

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Session 15: 4 Key Steps to Keeping Your Client


You worked so hard to get your client, keeping them happy is key to your success.

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Session 16: The Math of Retaining Clients


Great salespeople and trainers know the power of a loyal client—and consider client loyalty as job #1!

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Session 17: Set Goals & Show Progress


One of the most powerful tools for increasing retention is getting your client to see the progress they’re making. Motivated clients stay with you. The best motivator in the world is a program that works and gets results.

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Session 18: 10 Surefire Ways to Build Your Business with Referrals


Now that you’ve got clients and you’re delivering WOW, referrals are what’s going to supercharge your business! So you’ve got to get comfortable with asking for referrals.

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Session 19: What to Do When Things Go Sideways


What happens when something goes “sideways”? Great trainers know how to recover and see it as a challenge and an opportunity to further “cement” relationships.

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Session 20: 1% Better Every Day


We need to always be getting better to stay in the game. Make a commitment to getting 1% better everyday and the impact will be phenomenal!

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About Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, is an internationally recognized performance coach, author, and speaker who motivates, educates and inspires people worldwide. He is the owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA, and leads a team of 38 fitness professionals. Todd coaches many NFL, NBA, & MLB superstars, as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts striving for greatness in life. His gym was named one of “America’s Top 10 Gyms” by Men’s Health for the past 5 years. He has twice been honored with the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. Todd lives by the words passion, purpose, and IMPACT and all of his programs, classes, and sessions are designed to help people reach extraordinary success personally and professionally.


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"When it comes to navigating the fitness industry with purpose, passion and impact, Todd's taught me how to weave that into my business and my leadership style—that’s a world-class mentor!"

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David Weck

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not completely satisfied with
your purchase, we will gladly refund you.