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Overcoming Pain to Stay in the Fitness Game

Learn how Incrediwear works in a natural way to provide relief from post workout soreness and pain associated with muscle overuse, as well as faster recovery from injury.

More and more people choose exercising at gyms and studios to stay healthy. The trend is occurring across the age spectrum, from baby boomers to millennials. Americans choose the convenience, expertise, and comradery found at gyms and studios to stay at their fitness best.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these gym-goers will suffer post-workout soreness, pain or even injury due to muscle overuse, damage, or inflammation. And for those involved in high intensity training, given their enthusiasm for working out more aggressively, the possibility of exercise induced muscle damage and injury is increased, resulting in not just missed workouts, but also missed work.

For years, professional athletes have incorporated Incrediwear’s wearable Anti-inflammatory Therapy to their post-workout regime to help them keep their fitness routines on track. Now available to athletes of all levels, Incrediwear’s line of braces and sleeves have been scientifically shown to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation to speed recovery and help prevent overuse injuries.

How Incrediwear’s Wearable Anti-Inflammatory Therapy Works

The special fabric used to make Incrediwear products is embedded with natural elements (Carbon and Germanium). When worn, the elements are activated by body heat, releasing negative ions that cause a cellular vibration which in turn increases blood flow. The increased blood flow facilitates the transport of oxygen and nutrient-rich cells into the affected areas that are swollen and inflamed, which creates the optimal conditions for accelerated healing. As a result, swelling, inflammation and pain are reduced.

Recovery with Incrediwear

In a study conducted with USC and a professional soccer team, the effects of Incrediwear products on game time missed due to injuries showed a significant reduction due to shorter recovery time for lower extremity injuries.

Even greater benefits can be experienced from wearing Incrediwear products because, in addition to wearing them pre, intra, or post workouts, they are safe to wear while sleeping. During sleep, the body’s blood pressure drops significantly. This results in a decrease of oxygenation and nutrient delivery throughout the body. By increasing blood flow to target areas, Incrediwear products prevent this absence of oxygen and nutrients, and provide cells with an optimal healing environment. This essentially enables the body’s natural healing process to perform at an accelerated rate, which speeds up recovery.


Incrediwear ankle inflammation before and after
Left: post-surgery swelling – day 1. Right: after 8 hours wearing Incrediwear ankle sleeve overnight.


By reducing risk of injury and promoting a faster recovery when injury actually occurs, wearing Incrediwear will help you stay with your workout routines and train harder and longer, lowering your risk of over-training injuries and fatigue.

“Incrediwear’s products are fast emerging as a ‘must have’ element of gym-goers routine,” said Stephanie Valdes, Incrediwear’s active lifestyle sales manager. She adds that “as a result, more and more gyms have begun offering Incrediwear products for sale to their members.” The most popular products used by gym enthusiasts include the knee, leg, elbow, and ankle sleeves.

Currently, Incrediwear is used by professional teams all over the world including the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Stephanie Valdes would love to discuss how Incrediwear can help you and your members stay in the fitness game. Contact her at [email protected]

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