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Fitness Journal
 October 2019

Overcoming Pain to Stay in the Fitness Game
Learn how Incrediwear works in a natural way to provide relief from post workout soreness and pain associated with muscle overuse, as well as faster recovery from injury.
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Rebecca Garity
Get to know our Senior Director of Events.
Flexing the Muscular System
Noteworthy facts to keep your muscular knowledge strong.
Men’s Health Research Review
Helpful guidance on health, fitness and nutrition for men.
Gamify the Fitness Class Cooldown
Get your group fitness class participants to stay for the cooldown with fun games.
Sample Class: Tabata for Every Rider
Take participants on an intense tour in this Tabata-inspired indoor cycling class.
6 Ways to Grow Your Fitness Classes
Be creative in your grassroots marketing efforts to increase fitness class participation.
Member spotlight
IDEA Member Spotlight: October 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few idea members who stand out in the crowd.
October 2019 Question of the Month: Fitness Misinformation
We want to know how you handle misinformation about health and fitness.
2019 IDEA® World Scholarship Recipients
Meet the well-deserving winners of our IDEA World Scholarship.
Are 10,000 Steps Necessary?
Fewer steps matter for older women.
Morning Exercise and Cognitive Fitness
Strategic exercise timing may support brain health.
Childhood Activity and Midlife Brain Fitness
Links found between physical activity during youth and cognitive performance later in life.
Sitting Increases Health Risks Independent of Exercise
Growing evidence shows metabolic changes from sedentary time.
Maternal Weight and Pregnancy Complications
Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for pregnant clients.
First-Time Marathon Training Has Anti-Aging Effect
Marathon running can reduce arterial age.
Caffeine—An Equal Opportunity Ergogenic Aid
Does caffeine boost men and women equally?
Minimalist Shoes and Stronger Foot Muscles
Does wearing minimalist shoes exercise your feet?
Social Media Influencers Give Inaccurate Health Advice
Only 1 out of 9 influencers meets standards for health and fitness guidelines.
2019 IDEA World Fitness Awards Recipients
Honoring outstanding fitness professionals who make the world a healthier place.
New York Public Schools Trim the Meat
Will students eat the new vegetarian meal options?
Is It Time to Replace Fruit Juice With Whole Fruit?
Choosing fruit juice over whole fruits may harm your health.
Processed Food Linked to Weight Gain cec
We now have more proof that eating too many heavily processed foods can contribute to weight gain and obesity.
Soda Tax: Drink Pop, Pay More
There could be a $7 billion benefit when a soda tax is levied, unless a no-tax town is next door.
Teen Rebels Turn Away From Junk Food
Research shows that teenage boys pick healthier foods when these choices are framed as rebellious.
Pesticides and Produce cec
Does it matter if traces of pesticides are on your fruits and vegetables?
Delicious Danger? A Research Update on Artificial Sweeteners cec
Artificial sweeteners' benefits can be overwhelmed by the potential negatives. When in doubt, a little goes a long way.
Having the Bone Health Talk With Clients cec
A diagnosis of osteoporosis means it's time to modify, not end, a workout regimen to improve bone health.
Nibbling, Fasting and Feasting: Myths About Meal Timing and Frequency cec
Replace the top five meal frequency and timing myths surrounding small meals and fasting with evidence-based, client-friendly recommendations.
Recipe for Health: Blueberry Granola Pudding
Power tomorrow's breakfast with heart-healthy blueberries.
October 2019 Question of the Month: Can “Clean Eating” Go Wrong? cec
A focus on healthy food is positive unless it becomes an obsession.
Put Down the Phone While You Grocery Shop cec
Smartphones aren't always smart; they can lead to poor food choices in the grocery aisle.
Ask the RD: If I Eat Less Meat, Am I Missing Out on Iron?
Here's how you can avoid iron deficiency on a plant-based diet.
The REAL Scoop on Protein Powders cec
Research suggests more protein foods and less powder will balance training needs.