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Fitness Prescription Works!

I am the health and wellness coordinator for the City of Bloomington
Parks and Recreation Department in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m writing to
tell you about the Bloomington Walking Club. This informal group meets
for a guided group walk on the paved trails surrounding Olcott Park
every Thursday evening, weather permitting, April–October. Walkers of
all ability levels are welcome, and participants choose their own pace.
The walking club is made possible by a partnership among IU Health
Bloomington, IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians, Purdue Extension and
the City of Bloomington. The club, in its third year, is now offering a
“prescription card,” which is distributed in IU Health physician offices
and throughout the community. Also new this year: A medical health
professional attends a walk once a month. We have seen attendance
increase over the past 3 years, and we are very excited to continue
growing this program!

Alison Miller

Health and Wellness Coordinator, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation

Bloomington, Indiana

What’s Your 
Favorite Food Tribe?

Editor’s note: We recently posed the following question in our Food for
Thought column: “What food tribe do you belong to and why? Are these
diets sustainable?
Here is one reader’s answer:

I do not belong to a food tribe myself, but I have talked at length with
people who are vegan, vegetarian or on primal diets (like the Paleo
diet). What I found most interesting is that these folks have attributed
their diets to the relief or even the elimination of their arthritis
symptoms. Can they all be right? The vegans, who do not eat meat, claim
that it’s the lack of meat; the primals, who do eat meat, claim that
it’s the lack of grains.

I think the main benefit is the increase in fruits and vegetables and
the decrease or elimination of processed foods that help these people to
feel better. Are these diets sustainable? Yes for people who claim to
feel better because of the diets, and no for people who simply do it for
the fad. Personally, I take a little bit from all diets. I don’t avoid
meat, but I make it more of a “topping.” I focus on increasing my fruit
and vegetable consumption as much as possible and, when I can, I avoid
processed foods.

Nicole Smith

Health Fit Coordinator


Thumbs Up for 
PTI West in Seattle

Thank you for another awesome IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
West conference in Seattle. I really [enjoyed] the Doubletree Hilton
Hotel; it was a perfect location—especially its proximity to the
airport! The presenters were all awesome, and I loved every session! I
was [grateful] that marketplace sponsors provided food and beverages. I
appreciated that you had a special event DVD offer for $119, which I was
happy to take advantage of. I hope that you continue to have the PTI
West conference in Seattle every year!

Deborah Menard

Be Fit For Life Coordinator, Portage College

Lac La Biche, Alberta

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