Functional Aging and Hormone Health

by: Maria Luque, PhD

What role does the endocrine system play in healthy aging and the optimization of exercise programming?

In the past decade or so, the word functional has become a fitness industry buzzword, often referring to training systems and movements that take a different or unique approach, but not describing the approach with much specificity. Although there may be gray areas when it comes to defining functional training, most fitness professionals can agree that it focuses on enhancing natural movement through all planes of motion, thereby improving performance efficiency in everyday activities.

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Fitness Journal, Volume 15, Issue 11

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About the Author

Maria Luque, PhD

Maria Luque, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Dr. Maria Luque is a health educator and fitness expert with 15+ years experience. After serving in the US Air Force, this former military Fitness Program Manager, took her passion for health and education to the next level and now holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in health sciences. In addition to conducting workshops and group/personal training, she is a freelance writer. She currently teaches at the College of Health and Human Services at Trident University International.