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Fitness Journal
 November 2018

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - November 2018
The Renal System
The body's filtering abilities tie in to many other functions.
Health News: True or False?
“Do I trust this?”
Balance and Stability
Teach students a path to core strength through equilibrium.
Kickboxing class with a woman in the foreground ready to perform an uppercut.
Kickboxing Safety: Back to Basics
Revisit form and technique before you teach your next class.
Woman flexing to represent female empowerment and gender equity
Gender Equity in Fitness: Are We There Yet?
Most trainers and teachers are women, but most top execs are men. Here's how we can help to close that gap.
Nutritional misfires on dartboard
Nutrition Misfires cec
Get clients back on track with to-the-point messages that counteract common food myths.
Your Brain on Food cec
Studies show the links between a healthy diet and cognitive function.
Nutrition Technology Optimization
Apps, digital solutions and "smart" devices are flooding the market to cash in on interest in eating for weight management, better performance and health enhancement.
Nutrition Adherence: Making Lifestyle Changes That Stick cec
These tips can help you motivate clients to stay on a healthy diet for the long haul.
Training Guidance for Sedentary Young Women cec
A 2017 study shows the health benefits of combining cardiovascular and strength training for women early in their careers.
The Confidence-First Approach to Weight Loss
Helping a reluctant client find mastery in movement.
Integrated Wellness Programs Create Fitness Opportunities cec
Get on board with local businesses.
IDEA Member Spotlight
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
The U.S. Army’s New Fitness Test cec
An updated protocol assesses combat readiness.
More Exercise Is Key to Weight Loss Success cec
Are clients canceling out their own progress—or not?
Stay Strong to Increase Longevity cec
Keep the dumbbells nearby.
Dehydration Impairs Cognitive Performance cec
Drink water to ward off brain fog.
Healthy Habits Save Lives cec
Seven key markers of cardiovascular health.
Hot Yoga May Provide Heat Stress Conditioning for Athletes cec
Do benefits transfer to other activities?
Functional Aging and Hormone Health cec
What role does the endocrine system play in healthy aging and the optimization of exercise programming?
Snowboarding: Injury Prevention & Performance cec
Exercises can help elite competitors and weekend riders avoid suffering on the slopes.
Fans of NFL Losers Are Fans of Fatty Food cec
The eating pitfalls that emerge on any given Monday (or Tuesday).
Weight Gain Is Bad News for Our Gustatory Mojo cec
Obesity-related inflammation may be killing your taste buds.
Something’s Fishy With Fish Oil cec
Recent trials cast doubt on the efficacy of omega-3 supplements.
Caffeine’s Power to Up Your Game Is in Your Genes cec
Your DNA decides whether you get the performance kick.
To Fight Diabetes, Jump on the Whole-Grain Train cec
Try these three suggestions for adding whole grains to your day.
A Salty Diet Might Be a Death Sentence for Beneficial Bugs cec
Check out this news—then check your sodium intake.
Full-Fat Dairy Makes a Comeback? cec
Smart portions may actually do the body good.
Are Your Kitchen Towels Buggy? cec
Wash, dry, rinse, repeat—and often.
A Mindful Trick Could Trim Calories cec
Here's how to curb your enthusiasm for overindulgence.