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Covid-19 Updates

Is Your Training Space Repelling Potential Clients?

Have you ever considered that your personal training space is the reason your business suffers?

You sit there, scratch your head and think, “My programs are great! Clients love them and get results from them. So why isn’t my schedule full?”

Is it lack of marketing? Nah. You’ve got social media down pat.

Is it lack of experience? Nah. You have more certifications that you can count on two hands.

Is it lack of confidence? Nah. You’ll talk to anyone, including the empty, echoing walls you currently face.

Coaching the Whole Family

An adolescent with a parent who demands he "clean his plate" may lose his ability to respond to hunger cues and end up battling excess weight gain all his life. A working parent with a spouse who prepares calorie-dense, nutrient-poor meals for family dinners will struggle to maintain a healthy eating plan. But a child who grows up in a family where both parents are highly physically active is much more likely to be active himself.

Pivot Your Business to Success

In my last column, I wrote about how perfectionism can spell d-o-o-m to a business. One reason for this is that having an inflexible business mind means you’re not willing to really do what it takes to succeed.

How to Help Kids Be More Active

Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise, says today’s youth are largely considered physically “illiterate.” He defines physical literacy as “the ability, confidence and desire to be physically active for life.”
How do you improve a child’s physical literacy? Following are Bryant’s suggestions for inspiring our youth to be active:

Pros and Cons of Virtual Fitness Classes

Technology is rapidly changing how the fitness industry delivers services. In addition to wearables, apps and countless other options, technology offers—at the touch of a screen—almost any type of prescheduled or on-demand group exercise class at any venue that has Wi-Fi. This is

virtual fitness,

exercise programming that is carried out, accessed or stored by means of a computer, especially over a network.

Failure: Foe or Friend?


What feelings does that word conjure up? Do you get a knot in your stomach? Do you want to run away from the whole topic? Do you stick to things that are safe for you, so you can avoid failure?

The truth is that if you haven’t failed yet, you’re probably not taking risks. And while life without risks is comfortable, you’re not going to make your dreams come true by staying in your cushy comfort zone.

Digital Detoxing

Cellphones, computers, tablets. All of these are important tools. But technology can seep into every moment of your life and take over. Do you need to step away from email or give your smartphone a rest from time to time? Digital detoxing is becoming increasingly popular as a response to tech overload. Discover the benefits of setting limits around technology and strategies for doing so, courtesy of April Durrett, IDEA contributing editor and writer in Sunnyvale, California.

Take More Steps to Ward Off Sickness

Good news for regular exercisers: The more active you are, the less likely you are to get sick. At least that’s according to data compiled by Jawbone®, a manufacturer of wearable tracking devices.

The company wanted to determine a person’s likelihood of becoming sick, so it compiled a variety of self-reported data pulled from the Jawbone UP app. Based on that information, data analysts developed a sickness likelihood score. Here’s a rundown of what Jawbone learned:

How to Build a Better Brand on a Budget

Your brand is far more than an expensive logo and a flashy website—it’s your complete identity. Learn how to develop a solid and effective brand that sends the right message and attracts business without breaking the bank.

Fit Tech for Kids: Boon or Bust?


quiz 4 : Page 78

Go play outside! Growing up, many of us heard this directive
coming from our parents. Today, kids are more apt to be playing inside
on some sort of tech device. They’re parked in front of a television
or computer engrossed in an exciting video game, or sitting and tapping
away at mobile apps. It’s doubtful many parents try to keep children and
teens active by calling out, “Go play on your laptop!” But should they?

Personal Transformation Practices

Use a three-pronged approach to help frail participants move better, get stronger and improve their balance.

Do you strive to be a leader in your life? To successfully lead others with authenticity, you must first acquire the tools to lead yourself. Self-mastery and self-?management are fast becoming valued attributes in our outer-directed society. How do you manage your thoughts and practice mindfulness from moment to moment?

How to Help Employees Get Through Personal Crises

One Saturday afternoon, Bill Sonnemaker, MS, 2007 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, watched a newly hired personal trainer lead a group of new members on a tour of Atlanta-based Catalyst Fitness. Sonnemaker—the facility’s owner—noticed that throughout the tour the trainer was receiving text messages to his cell phone.

Once the tour was completed, the trainer checked the messages, which alerted him that an emergency had taken place. He responded to the text: “What’s wrong?”

Programs to Track Your Finances

As a personal training business owner, you’ve got a lot on your to-do list. Atop that list is making sure your finances are organized and accounted for. These programs can help you do just that.