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Yoga Therapy for Injury Prevention and Recovery

By IDEA Authors | July 22, 2016 |

Yoga is one of the nation’s leading natural therapies used by millions of Americans to address chronic and acute conditions, and to promote a lifetime of health and well-being. From professional athletes and physical trainers to gym-goers and overworked professionals, the masses have adopted yoga as a supplement to other workouts because its benefits include greater strength, flexibility, peace of mind and stress control.

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Enhance Functional Training With Hydro-Inertia®

By IDEA Authors | May 18, 2016 |

Trainers are constantly in search of new and exciting ways to take their training up a notch. The new millennium introduced stability training as a way of increasing balance and core challenges. By standing on a dynamic surface, trainers sought to create an unstable environment to stimulate the nervous system to improve balance, stability and. thereby, function.

But what about the upper body?

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The Science of Suspension Exercise

By IDEA Authors | January 7, 2016 |

Suspension exercise combines body weight and anchored, seatbelt-like straps to provide an alternative to free weights and machines. The question on a lot of trainers’s minds is whether these strap-based training systems work as well as more traditional resistance training tools. Though research into this question has been somewhat sparse, studies are starting to paint a picture of effective ways to integrate suspension exercise into a workout program.

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Strength & Conditioning . . . for Seniors?

By IDEA Authors | June 1, 2015 |

The influence of the Baby Boomer generation on fitness cannot be overstated: 76 million strong and ranging from their early 50s to their early 70s, this group, if only by their vast number, is redefining the entire concept of personal training. Why? Because the Boomers never quite believed that they would grow old and now that the evidence is irrefutable that they are not immune to the laws of biology (or gravity!) they are pushing back against the aging process with all their might.

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