January 6, 2020 – San Diego, CA –IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s
leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals, and part of the Fitness Group
for Active Interest Media, is pleased to announce a formal license agreement with the
Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency (KBAA) to hold its first convention, the 2020 IDEA

Together, IDEA and the KBAA will encourage Korean fitness and wellness professionals
to join IDEA and IDEA® China in the shared mission to Inspire the World to Fitness®.
“The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency is leading the trend in the fitness industry by
holding the All Fitness International Convention (AFIC) three times a year; in August
2020 it will hold its inaugural 2020 IDEA Korea Convention in Ilsan, Korea,” said EunYoung Jeon, president of IDEA Korea. “It will be the first big international fitness event to
be held in Korea and will make the utmost efforts to encourage Korean professions to
advance their continuing education at the international stage.”
“It is our goal to contribute to the people’s health and wellness journey by spreading our
mission,” said vice president and general manager for IDEA, Amy Boone Thompson. “In
2020, the IDEA World Convention, along with IDEA Korea and IDEA China, will continue
to feature the best in education, experiences and inspiration to help fitness and wellness
professionals around the globe.”

The IDEA Korea Convention expects 250 of its 350 presenters and exhibitors to attend
from other countries. With 9,500 global attendees added to the mix, this will be a truly
international event.

About IDEA Health & Fitness Association
IDEA Health & Fitness Association is the world’s leading organization of fitness and
wellness professionals and has been for more than 35 years. We deliver world-class
content and continuing education to fitness professionals, business owners and allied
health professionals via our seven publications, including the award-winning IDEA
Fitness Journal; our fitness, business and nutrition conferences; and hundreds of
streaming videos and DVD courses available on our website ideafit.com. Additionally,
with IDEA FitnessConnect, we have created the largest national industry-wide directory
linking over 250,000 fitness professionals to more than 16 million consumers. Through
IDEA professionals in over 80 countries, we Inspire the World to Fitness®.
About Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency
The Korea Beautiness and Arts Agency was established under the vision of creating
happy and healthy welfare society. It contributes to the industry by nurturing Korean
fitness professionals and providing quality programs and contents.
The KBAA hosts more than 3 conventions and conferences a year, providing programs
for 3 international and 13 private qualifications.
The KBAA will make the utmost efforts to globalize the Korean fitness industry and
Korean presenters with 2020 IDEA Korea.

**BEAUTINESS is a word that combines BEAUTY and FITNESS. It is a new fitness word
that means “fitness that will make my body beautiful.”

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