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Sustainability Important For Gym-Goers, Says Survey

When it comes to exercise, people might give greater effort if there’s more at stake than calories or improved performance. A recent survey suggests that gym-goers might be motivated to work harder if their energy is converted to power for the gym.

Facilitated by SportsArt, manufacturer of sustainable fitness equipment, the survey featured responses from 200 individuals aged 30–60 who exercised at least five to eight times per month. Results revealed that 63% of respondents would push themselves harder if they knew their effort could be turned into electricity for them. Sixty-two percent would prefer to exercise in a gym that provided environmentally friendly equipment. Fitness facilities that provide these machines could potentially see a boost in membership if they also included a financial incentive: Seventy percent of respondents would like to train at a gym that provides discounts based on how much power they create for the facility.

“Gyms need to look at additional ways to motivate their members to work out—incorporating sustainable solutions such as an incentive program can be highly successful in doing so,” said Ivo Grossi, vice president of SportsArt.

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