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Shoulder Blades: The Right Moves

by: Erin Lyons, Jason Lunden and Eddie Davila, MS

Ex Rx

Here’s how to spot scapular dyskinesis in clients and provide corrective exercises.

The shoulder blades, or scapulae, are critical links in the kinetic chain from the waist through the shoulders, up to the neck and down to the fingertips. Abnormalities in the position or movement of the shoulder blades—technically called scapular dyskinesis—can trigger pain and discomfort, especially among people who spend long hours sitting and using computers.

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Fitness Journal, Volume 15, Issue 4

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About the Authors

Erin Lyons

Erin Lyons IDEA Author/Presenter

Jason Lunden

Jason Lunden IDEA Author/Presenter

Eddie Davila, MS

Eddie Davila, MS IDEA Author/Presenter