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Fitness Journal
 April 2018

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - April 2018
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Funky beats, creative choreography and unexpected props give these classes an extra boost.
Learn, Connect and Thrive at the IDEA® World Convention
Invest in yourself and your career: June 27–July 1.
May I Have This Dance?
From couch potato to headstands: Helping a Parkinson's patient get a new view of life.
Learning About Lymph
Encourage clients to “exercise” the lymphatic system daily for optimal health.
Primed to Squat
Prepare participants with base movement patterns.
Sample Class: Strength by Numbers
Add variety and fresh appeal to your strength-based classes.
Ace That Audition!
Learn from other people's mistakes, and be prepared to get your next teaching gig.
Face the Fats cec
Seven misconceptions about an often maligned and misunderstood nutrient.
Shoulder Blades: The Right Moves cec
Here's how to spot scapular dyskinesis in clients and provide corrective exercises.
Programming to Prevent ACL Injury cec
Draw from current concepts in medical research to help clients avert anterior cruciate ligament tears.
Range of Motion: Full or Partial? cec
Studies on young adults find advantages in performing both kinds of resistance training movements.
Healthy-Eating Blogs cec
Dishing Out What Readers Really Love