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FitBus Provides Healthy Living Education

La Donna Hendricks, MD, of Pure
Joy Pediatrics in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, grew tired of witnessing
the decline of children’s health. She
realized this was largely the result of inadequate education and lack of
exposure to healthy options. To fight the problem, she worked with Aurora Engineering to build the “FitBus,” a “mobile health unit focused on educating our youth using nutrition,
exercise and life lessons all intended
to combat childhood obesity and
promote healthy living in urban

IDEA Member Helps Fight Inactivity on College Campuses

The “Freshman 15” has a new enemy. Karen Jashinsky, IDEA member and founder and CEO of O2Max Fitness in Santa Monica, California, now offers college students a program to help them stay healthy and fit
despite their busy schedules. “Max U was
developed by college students to provide them with an affordable, comprehensive, mobile fitness program that is just as easy
to use in a dorm as it is at the local or campus gym,” says Whitney Sholl, college fitness manager for O2Max.

Shaking Things Up in South Africa

With a population of over 49 million people, who speak 11 official languages, South Africa is a country booming with growth and activity, especially as its weather and natural attributes contribute to a favorable outdoor culture. South Africans are excited and proud to be hosting the World Cup for football (soccer) this year, and can even be described as fanatical about rugby.

location, location, location

Where you live may actually contribute to your risk of someday developing type 2 diabetes, says a study published in the October 12, 2009,
issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. Researchers conducted
the first multisite prospective study
to examine if residential environments that support more physical activity and healthier diets may contribute to
a lower incidence of the disease.

Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals Gains Kudos

The Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals (AASFP) received two awards at the inaugural China Fitness Industry “Top Fitness Awards.” Presented by the China Sports Authorities, the awards recognize individuals and organizations that have improved China’s fitness industry. AASFP received China’s Fitness Industry Achievement of Excellence Award. The organization’s founder and president, Kenny Wong, was honored with the China’s Fitness Industry Most Influential Figures Award.

Cycling, Soccer, Zumba® Popular in the Netherlands

Obesity is a health challenge in the Netherlands, just as it is in other countries across the globe. Fifteen percent of adults cope with obesity and 1 in 6 children is obese, according to the Netherlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen (Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity, or NISB). The NISB advocates 30 minutes of activity a day, 5 days per week, but only 45%–60% of adults exercise that much. For children under 18 years, NISB advises 60 minutes of activity, 7 days per week, but only about one-third of Dutch children reach this health target.

top 10 ways to get healthy in 2010

It’s January, and clients everywhere are coming out of the woodwork looking for that magic bullet to get in shape. Armed with New Year’s resolutions and good intentions, what they really need are some simple, easy ways to improve their health in 2010. Here are 10 tips to pass along that really work:

Exercise Is Hot Stuff in Mexico

Dance is a key word on group exercise schedules in Mexico, as dance-based fitness classes are heating up gyms everywhere. Latin rhythms, hip-hop, salsa and belly dancing are popular, according to Norma Zurita, a 23-year veteran of the fitness industry and group fitness coordinator of Sport City in Mexico City. Indoor cycling, circuit training, kickboxing, step and strength training classes are also well-liked. On the other hand, high-impact classes or those featuring complicated, advanced choreography get a thumbs-down.

Revving Things Up in Russia

When people think of Russia, some picture the frozen steppes of Siberia, while others see the onion domes of Red Square. But what about this country’s long tradition of placing a high value on sport and physical fitness? That aspect of Russian culture is just as ingrained.

Pilates for All Abilities

Client: Heidi

Personal Trainer: Laura Gideon, MS, owner of Bamboo Balance

Location: Los Angeles

First Impressions. Heidi was physically active as a dancer during high school. But by age 24 the loss of her left foot in a motorcycle accident and the rigors of graduate school had propelled her into a sedentary lifestyle. Eventually Heidi became determined to embrace a more active lifestyle and began to attend various aerobics classes. The classes proved unsuccessful because her prosthesis would slip as she began to sweat.

Brain Fitness Center Offers Interactive Computer Training

The Brain Emporium, a brain exercise center founded and directed by T.J. McCallum, associate professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, opened at the Fairhill Center in Cleveland in March 2009. The Brain Emporium is another example of the growing popularity of computer-based mental fitness games.

Leaders That Make a Difference

The fitness industry is rich with inspiration. Attend any IDEA convention or read through an IDEA publication, and you’re likely to discover countless stories of the many ways in which fitness professionals help others surmount…

All About Australia

Dedicated fitness professionals in Australia are regularly inspiring people to become healthy, says Ken Baldwin, fitness professional and presenter in Brisbane, Australia, who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. “We are becoming more credible and expanding our knowledge due to demands placed on our industry for certifications and insurance,” he says. “We now work more closely with other allied professionals, and there’s been increased interest in functional training.

Creative Programs That Inspire

The St. Paul Jewish Community Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers its members B.L.A.S.T. (body locomotion and strength training). According to the online schedule, the intermediate-to-advanced workout is a combination of low-impact cardio and strength training. The facility challenges its members and guests to “have fun exploring some nontraditional exercises that challenge your strength, balance and dexterity.” The St. Paul JCC also offers Logrolling throughout the year.

Insights Into Israeli Fitness

The most popular fitness classes in Israel are body conditioning, core training, stability ball, yoga, step and dance-based formats, notes Yoav Avidar, international fitness presenter from Tel Aviv, Israel, who has been working in the fitness industry for 12 years. “In general, and especially during these days of economic hardship, popular equipment-based classes are ones that use the equipment the club has!” he says. “Clubs and studios are very hesitant to buy new equipment, especially if it’s relatively expensive.

Japan Is Jumping

Even in these tough economic times there is still a lot of optimism and opportunity in the Japanese fitness industry. “2009 is very tough financially for commercial fitness facilities, but I think that people will become even more conscious of their health, especially the benefits of exercise as they relate to stress management,” says Sachiko Tsurumi, president of Japan Fitness Association in Tokyo.

Mother-Daughter-Inspired Fitness

Chalene Johnson attributes her success in part to her mother. It’s not just the nurturing hand of love that gave Johnson, chief executive officer (CEO) of Powder Blue Productions and creator of Turbo Kick® and PiYo™, a head start in the world of fitness. Johnson’s mother, Marge Melvin, was one of the first Jazzercise® instructors in the state of Michigan.

Fitness With A French Twist

The French often participate in sports and other nontraditional “fitness” activities without joining a health club, notes Fred Hoffman, MEd, 2007 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, director of International Services for the Club & Spa Synergy Group and fitness consultant for women’s marketing at Reebok France. “Hiking, walking and Nordic walking are popular, and many people ride bicycles,” he says. “Boxing, judo, karate and other martial arts are extremely popular for children, teenagers and young adults.

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