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Real Fitness, Real People

Bryce Jackson was on his soapbox. Again. His wife, Jennifer, listened patiently as Jackson, IDEA Master Personal Fitness Trainer and owner of Real Fitness in Portland, O…

For the People

Inspire the World to Fitness™

IDEA’s campaign unites our members with those of other organizations in a joint effort to reach out to nonexercisers. Our commitment is to provide you with information and sources so you can act locally.As more and more people fall prey to the deleterious effects of obesity, lawmakers seek ways …

Seeing the Difference

When Caroline Forsberg had to retire her seeing-eye dog of 11 years, Anise, she presumed she would be paired with another guide dog soon. After all, that was the way it had always been. But this time was different. Forsberg, who lives in Albany, New York, was denied a companion be…

A Path With Heart

Editor’s Note: James MacLaren has survived two would-be fatal accidents. The first, at age 22, resulted in the loss of his left leg. The second, 1…

Volunteering: The Inner Light

If you had ever told me that I would look forward to cleaning dog kennels on my days off, I would have thought you were one sick puppy. Yet that’s exactly what I rush off to do every Thursday afternoon when I volunteer at our local humane society. In fact, I consider my role as a bone-a fide animal groomer/walker/
pooper-picker-upper to be one of the most rewarding “jobs” of my career.

shake it, ladies!

The fitness industry has come such a long way since this photo was shot circa 1960. Ironically, even with the technology advancements since then, today’s challenges of reversing sedentary living and the obesity trend are the most serious that fitness professionals have ever faced. But don’t despair, for you are the catalysts for change! All your efforts to Inspire the World to Fitness™ make a profound daily difference in the lives of others.

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