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Do you or someone you love struggle with mental illness? The good news is that exercise and mindfulness can help provide a holistic approach to mental health.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health 

By Sandy Todd Webster / May 4, 2023

Do you or someone you love struggle with mental illness? The good news is that exercise and mindfulness can help.

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restorative nap time for adults

Restorative Nap Time for Adults

By Sandy Todd Webster / February 22, 2023

Clients need coaxing sometimes. Try a gentle nudge to help them to step it up—or step it down. Restorative nap time for adults, anyone?

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Group photo at 2022 IDEA World Convention

A New Meeting of Mind, Body and Soul

By Judy Minich / July 28, 2022

Here’s a peek into that world where the mind can explore new ways of approaching classic formats; where your imagination can stretch along with your body; and where your spirit can soar through pure and powerful inspiration that nourishes the soul.

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Kids eating Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy: Making Mindful Choices

By Judy Minich / October 18, 2021

Mindfullness brings with it a plethora of health benefits.  It’s a real treat!  But can it help families when it comes to the influx of  Halloween candy we all this time of year?  Here are some tricks to help.

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Three people sitting in meditation.

Meditation Basics

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 22, 2021

What Is Meditation? Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way fitness is an approach to training the body. Someone with no knowledge of fitness tools and methods may think her lack of strength or endurance is inevitable; she may not see that it could change with consistent training and a…

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Mindfulness meditation and yoga

Growth in Mind-Body Therapies During the Pandemic

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / January 25, 2021

Mindfulness meditation and yoga classes have seen explosive growth since the onset of the pandemic, according to a report from USC.

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Mindful Exercise in the Pool

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 21, 2018

The sensory-rich pool environment is an ideal setting for mindful exercise and a welcome respite from digital stress.

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Distracted Clients? How You Can Help

By Erin Nitschke, MS, EdD / February 16, 2018

It’s a busy, technology-dominated world—and most of us are continually spinning, twisting and turning in an effort to “get things done” and “produce.” We work, we raise families, we have countless responsibilities. The truth is, this is distracted living, and it raises stress levels, lowers productivity, interferes with our ability to focus and compromises the mind-body connection. When we live this way, we fail to cultivate a sense of contentment and joy, which is counterproductive to our work as fitness and wellness professionals.

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