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FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea LeonardWatch Now!

FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea Leonard Watch Now!

Erin Nitschke

Professionally, I served as the Director of Health and Human Performance for a near decade at Sheridan College in Sheridan, Wyoming. I instructed courses in exercise science, physical education, and personal training. I am a writer, a fitness blogger, & higher education instructor for Laramie County Community College, Western Wyoming Community College, Northwest Community College, and the University of Wyoming. I have over 14 years of experience in personal training as well as adult education and instructional design. I believe in the power of a holistic approach to healthy living. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is not defined or limited by physical stamina, muscle size, or outward appearance. An active and healthy lifestyle is multifaceted and requires commitment and balance in all aspects of personal wellness. Being fit means finding an equilibrium between the physical, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and spiritual dimensions of personal well-being. I am personally and professi

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Article Archive

Behavior Change: What the Research Tells Us

May 9, 2018

Humans aren’t strangers to change. We take U-turns, cancel dinner plans and reschedule business meetings. If these kinds of change are so easy, then why is it so hard to change behaviors, habits or patterns?
Mostly, it’s because human behavior is complex and mystifying. People struggle to “unlearn” old habits and replace them with new behaviors. But once behavioral changes evolve into new habits, they become instinctive. Igniting change in clients requires honoring the complexities of behavior and recognizing the efforts required to repattern a lifestyle.

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Distracted Clients? How You Can Help

February 16, 2018

It’s a busy, technology-dominated world—and most of us are continually spinning, twisting and turning in an effort to “get things done” and “produce.” We work, we raise families, we have countless responsibilities. The truth is, this is distracted living, and it raises stress levels, lowers productivity, interferes with our ability to focus and compromises the mind-body connection. When we live this way, we fail to cultivate a sense of contentment and joy, which is counterproductive to our work as fitness and wellness professionals.

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