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What Do Facilities Offer?

What programs work best for your fitness facility? Compare your current line-up to others in the industry.

With so many fitness activities available, how do you determine which ones are a good fit for your business? Asking current customers is your first step to answering that question. Surveys, informal conversations and tracking participation are good ways to find out what clients are interested in. The second step is to see what other facilities are offering, both locally and nationally, and predict if your customers will like the same programs their customers do.

These activities were selected from the 2000 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. The percent is the percent of respondents in each facility type that offer the activity. Right underneath is the average number of days per week the program is offered.

The survey respondents represented: 21% multipurpose health clubs, 13% fitness-only health clubs, 16% corporate or hospital fitness center and 11% YMCA/YWCA/JCC.

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