As the world continues to be bombarded about the dangers of excess body fat and obesity, more efforts are placed on how to combat them. San Diego State University (SDSU) professor of women’s studies Esther Rothblum is taking a scholarly approach to the problem. According to an SDSU press release, Rothblum has co-edited the first-ever anthology on the subject, called The Fat Studies Reader.

“Everyone is talking about fat, about the obesity epidemic, about ‘lifestyle changes,’” says Rothblum. “The past few years have seen an exponential growth in the organization, communication and focus of professionals and academics working and researching in this area. For this reason we wanted to publish a comprehensive book featuring the ‘who’s who’ of fat studies experts for use by professionals in a variety of fields.” The Fat Studies Reader covers stereotypes and negative stigmas associated with overweight people. Also included are topics such as “race, sexuality, the pharmaceutical industry, politics, law, popular culture, literature and more.”