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Boxing Fitness for CHAMPS

By Wayne Wilson, CPT | March 6, 2008 |

These exercise drills and combos provide an interesting way to challenge the students’ body-mind and motor skills. They can be done in any setting with or without any boxing equipment. This is a fun and vigorous class exercise appropriate for 5th graders (10 year olds) and up.

A NO CONTACT program.
The drills incorporate total cardiovascular conditioning…

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Magic in the Moment

By Linda Freeman | August 31, 2007 |

When approaching the warm-up for a
kickboxing class, many instructors think
of it only as a way to physically prepare the
body. But what about warming up the
mind? You can also get your students
mentally prepared and in the moment.
This helps them benefit maximally from
the workout and is an essential ingredient
in the recipe for kickboxing success. By
taking th…

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Sample Class: Kickbox Boot Camp

By Kimberly Spreen | February 28, 2007 |

“Kickbox Boot Camp” is a time-efficient, interval-style workout that yields great results. Cardio kickboxing drills and combinations improve aerobic endurance and burn calories. Athletic drills—incorporated as short bursts—challenge the body anaerobically. The finishing touch is a strength training segment that targets large muscle groups and improves muscular endu…

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Kicking Around New Kickboxing Ideas

By Katalin Rodriguez Zamiar | January 31, 2001 |

Experienced teachers know that class variety is one secret to long-term success and self-preservation. Teaching a wide repertoire of class modes—for instance, step, indoor cycling and kickboxing—can help prevent burnout and improve your teaching skills. Developing options within a mode—endurance cycling, mind-body ride and power spin, for example, or step interval, multiple step and advanced step—is also important.

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