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Do Ergogenic Aids Help or Hinder Athletic Performance?

Almost daily, people ask fitness professionals
about the latest and greatest dietary supplements
that claim to enhance physical performance.
Although it is outside the scope of practice of personal
trainers and fitness instructors ever to recommend
a particular ergogenic aid to anyone,
clients want to know if these products produce
the results promised in the ads. There is no denying
that …

Too Much of 2 Good Things?

The overall landscape of training methods and individuals who participate in recreational exercise is vast and varied.Who are these individuals, and what do they do? Let’s use “David” as an example. This fictional recreational-exercise client is an avid basketball player for an all-men’s league.
His team plays twice a week, but David still wants to stay conditioned and maintain his strength. Ther…

Identifying, Understanding and Training Youth Athletes

Who will be the next Tiger Woods, Mia
Hamm, Michael Jordan or Venus
Williams? Many parents believe that,
given the right amount of training,
coaching and perseverance, it could be
their child. There is a certain mystique
about talented athletes, whether they are
amateur Olympians or professionals,
because of their sports mastery and the
skills they display. It is not an easy path…

Let’s Get Virtual

&The Press-Enterprise Brenda Maston knocked herself out sculpting her butt, abs and thighs after she signed on several months ago with a personal trainer. "She put me on a diet and targeted trouble spots between my waist and knees," says Maston. "The results were absolutely amazing." Just one thing was missing: her instructor, Angie Lustrick. …

A Knee Up to Play

Casey walks slowly to the edge of the pool, scars from his three knee surgeries visible on his legs. Within moments, the 6-foot 5-inch, 265-pound linebacker is running in the water. His personal fitness trainer (PFT) adjusts the water depth and gradually progresses the impact to prepare Casey for a safe and comfortable return to gravity-based activity. The athlete practices specific sport…

Juggling & TrackingYour Fitness Certifications

our fitness director at the club just called with a reminder that one of your primary fitness certifications is about to expire. Somewhere in a pile of papers, you have the renewal notice sent by the certifying board. You meant to track your renewal, but somehow it just got away from you. Now you might be pulled from working with clients unless you hurry to update that primary certification.

Earning an Online Exercise Degree

Troy Stewart Huggett, a self-employed personal trainer, wanted to obtain a master’s degree in physical education. However, he faced a stumbling block: Running his own business, Troy Huggett’s Fitness Pros LLC in Battle Creek, Michigan, meant a hectic work schedule that didn’t leave him much time to attend on-site classes. The solution? He enrolled in and earned an online…

Pilates Exercise: Lessons From the Lab

When Joseph Pilates originally set out to teach his unique exercises to German internees during World War I, little did he know that one day hundreds of fitness professionals would teach his techniques, and infomercials would sell products based on his methods. But as popular as Pilates exercise has become over the last two decades, until now no research has been conducted to scientifically va…

The Growing Problem of Obesity

Statistics demonstrate that countries around the globe are experiencing a spectacular increase in obesity. Worldwide there are an estimated 1 billion obese persons (body mass index [BMI] ≥ 30), and the number has been increasing rapidly over the last two decades (Loos & Bouchard 2003). In the United States 65% of adults are overweight (BMI = 25–29.9), and of these, 31% are obese…

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