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A Measure of Success

By Sherri McMillan, MS | January 31, 2006 |

When working with clients, we all understand the importance of setting goals, and most of us go through the process of examining and re-examining clients’ goals on a regular basis. However, when it comes to our own lives and businesses, it’s often a different story.

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Don’t Forget the Job Description

By Joy Keller | December 31, 2005 |

If you’ve ever asked an employee to do something pertinent to her job only to have her counter, “That’s not in my job description,” you know how important it is to outline the position in advance. According to the United States Small Business Administration, job descriptions provide the foundation for job training and future evaluations and should include the following b…

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Don’t Cancel That Class!

By Peggy Gregor, AFAA, ACE | December 31, 2005 |

Recently I was faced with the biggest challenge of my professional management career. I had just posted an exciting, eclectic group exercise schedule boasting 75 classes a week. Many were specialty offerings, such as yoga, aqua arthritis, cycling and senior fitness. Then calls began to pour in from instructors telling me they’d be unavailable. Six of them were going to be away in th…

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Risk Management: Is Your Club Compliant or Complacent?

By Sean Riley, JD, MS | December 31, 2005 |

As we usher in a new year, it is important to recognize the pressing need for all fitness facilities to remain compliant with established industry standards. Failure to achieve such compliance can expose you and/or your club to costly legal liability.
With so much on their plates each day, it is understandable that many fitness managers fall into a state of complacency, failing to ta…

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A Guide to Lifestyle Coaching

By Kay Cross, MEd | June 30, 2005 |

For several years the growing field of coaching has been receiving a lot of publicity. In the fitness arena, through IDEA articles and conferences, you have been reading and hearing specifically about lifestyle or wellness coaching. Are you wondering whether coaching is an area you should branch into for career longevity and variety? Personally, I have found coaching very rewarding and re…

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Integrate to Elevate

By Shannon Fable | June 30, 2005 |

One solution is to view your group fitness department as a business. Review your definition of teamwork and develop your team’s belief in the greater good. Learn how to harness talented egos so you can move in a common direction and encourage commitment to a fundamental purpose. The “Integrate to Elevate” success formula is based on The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Tea…

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Managing Vicarious Liability

By Sean Riley, JD, MS | April 30, 2005 |

As a fitness manager, you recognize that certain acts result in legal liability. Injuries caused by worn flooring surfaces, equipment malfunctions and inappropriate program designs exemplify what acts have legal consequences. However, the critical issue is who may be legally responsible for injuries. If one of your personal fitness trainers designs an inappropriate program for…

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When Personal Trainers Leave

By Krista Popowych | October 31, 2004 |

When personal trainers leave your organization, clients may also leave. Owing to the relationships fostered during one- on-one training, it is not uncommon for clients to feel compelled to continue training with the same personal trainers, regardless of where the trainers work. Unfortunately, all client departures hurt organizations financially. Lost clients mean lost revenues. From…

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Business Space

By Justin Price, MA | October 31, 2004 |

In our last column we explored different ways to finance your new business venture. This column will examine the steps needed to find the best location for your start-up business and discuss how to secure a lease.

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Five Steps to Effective Delegation

By IDEA Authors | August 31, 2004 |

When you think about delegating a job, is your motive to simply unload some of your own work? According to author Greg Balanko-Dickson, it shouldn’t be. He says it should be more about gaining cooperation to achieve a goal. It’s an opportunity for the business owner or manager to
empower the individual
motivate (inspire an employee to new levels of performance and responsibility)
encourage an employee in the delegation process

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So You Want Your Own PFT Business?

By Justin Price, MA | May 31, 2004 |

The Start-Up
By Justin Price, MA

So You Want Your Own PFT Business?
Don’t let your plan fail because you’ve failed to plan. My personal training career progressed in the way most personal trainers’ careers do: I first worked for a gym, then worked as an independent contractor and then was in charge of a high-end personal training studio in London. However, I wanted more. I always wanted to own my…

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Trends in Corporate Fitness

By April Durrett | May 31, 2004 |

In the
mid-1990s, corporate
fitness was on a roll. With a strong economy, companies were competing to hire and keep
the best
employees. Corporate fitness programs were considered
a valuable perk to
retain these employees.> Fastforward to 2004. Has the once sunny forecast for corporate fitness held steady? Or have economic storms brought it crashing down? Is it currently a viable career option for fitness professionals? Here’s a look at the status of this niche, including top trends in group fitness, personal training and wellness programs.

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What Do Facilities Pay?

By IDEA Authors | April 30, 2001 |

Every facility follows a business model, which impacts all costs,
including salary levels. When looking at these figures, keep in mind how costs are associated with revenue. For example, it is simpler to
associate the cost of a personal trainer with the revenue of a session fee than it is to associate the cost of a fitness instructor with the revenue of a membership fee, which allows access to an entire facility. These cost-revenue associations may impact compensation.

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