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Yoga mobility

Yoga Mobility and Stability for Pain

By Christy Stevenson / June 13, 2022

While instructors are not expected to act as physical therapists, it’s worthwhile to learn how to program yoga mobility for pain management.

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Group of people practicing yoga for the immune system

Benefits of Yoga for the Immune System

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / April 1, 2022

Can you use yoga for the immune system? Research shows it may have beneficial effects on inflammatory markers and cortisol levels.

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Woman doing yoga for older adults

Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / March 14, 2022

Yoga for older adults in their 60s and 70s may have a significant positive effect on fitness after 9–12 weeks of practice.

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Mindfulness meditation and yoga

Growth in Mind-Body Therapies During the Pandemic

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / January 25, 2021

Mindfulness meditation and yoga classes have seen explosive growth since the onset of the pandemic, according to a report from USC.

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Yoga for Optimal Performance

By Helen Vanderburg / December 6, 2018

Yoga, as both a philosophy and a physical practice, is one valuable tool to consider integrating into your training programs to help clients

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Mindful Exercise in the Pool

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / September 21, 2018

The sensory-rich pool environment is an ideal setting for mindful exercise and a welcome respite from digital stress.

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