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Helen Vanderburg

Helen Vanderburg is the owner of Heavens Fitness and Fusion-Fitness-Training. She is the 2005 IDEA Instructor of the Year, the 1996 IDEA Program Director of the Year, and a two-time Can-Fit-Pro Presenter of the Year. Helen holds a bachelorÔÇÖs degree in kinesiology, is a past world champion in synchronized swimming and is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor.
Certification: ACE

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Article Archive

Yoga for Optimal Performance

December 6, 2018

You’re a student of the body, committed to helping people improve their functional capacity and independence. Human movement is complex and uniquely individual. From a physical perspective, joint structure, neurological patterning, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and skin all affect movement. Psychological and emotional factors may also cause restrictions.

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Managing a Quality-Driven Business

February 6, 2009

We all strive to run a quality business, but achieving that goal takes great focus and commitment. Managing excellence begins with having a strong definition of quality. What is your definition?

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Sample Class: Mindful Fusion Fitness

February 29, 2008

The popularity of yoga and Pilates has
spawned several fun and effective fusion offerings. This particular class,
“Mindful Fusion Fitness,” uses “traditional” fitness-based exercises as the
foundation and then layers on Pilates moves and yoga postures. This approach
allows instructors and participants to begin with familiar exerc…

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