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Selling Yourself (Without Selling Out)

Social media marketing is extremely popular among trainers. Some fitness pros have cultlike followings on Facebook. Others offer workout routines to subscribers through YouTube. Many pros blog about health and fitness topics and tweet inspirational…

Introducing FitFeed

How can you keep up on the latest news and trends in health and fitness? Would you like to find a simple way of sharing this news with your clients—as well as your fellow fitness and wellness professionals? Then you’ll want to check out IDEA’s new FitFeed, at www.ideafit.com/fitfeed.

Armchair Fitness?

We all know that too many people sit for much too long—and by doing so endanger their health. German researchers may have a solution to get people moving.

Kids’ Sleep, Obesity and Electronic Devices

The rates of overweight and obesity among kids continue to climb. Food choices and inactivity are considered major culprits. Are electronic devices also to blame?

Scientists from the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta have linked use of electronic devices, poor sleep patterns and obesity among Canadian 5th graders. The researchers surveyed sleep habits, food intake, physical activity levels, height and weight measurements, and nighttime use of electronic devices among 3,398 children.

Tricks of the Trade

As a stay-at-home mother of two, I offer only online training at this time. I find it fits well with my schedule and still allows me to work in the fitness industry, which I love….

Change Comes Out of Challenge

Sherry Winslow believes in continually challenging her clients. “Challenges provide a way to get people out of their routines,” she explains.

How to Create and Implement an Online Training Program

To become an experienced personal trainer, you need to train your clients in-person. It gives you invaluable hands-on knowledge about designing programs for individuals with various fitness levels and special needs. Plus it helps you better understand how the human body responds to training specificity.

Taking Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

You’re already an active blogger, and you’ve got hundreds of Facebook fans and TwitterTM followers. You consistently post relevant, informational updates and messages. You encourage feedback, and you foster conversations among your followers. Your clients are engaged and enthusiastic.

But you feel you’re in a bit of a rut, or you see that your audience isn’t really growing. Now is the time to mix in other social media tools and tactics.

The Anatomy of a Successful Client Testimonial

Customer testimonials can be fantastic tools for driving new business to your door. But boring, photo-free client comments buried deep inside your website are unlikely to do the trick. To quickly capture the imagination (and training dollars) of the masses, it is critical to breathe life into client success stories.

So what makes some testimonials tedious and others terrific? Follow these four steps to avoid the mistakes of time-wasting customer snooze stories. Bring your facility’s testimonials back from the brink—and attract new-member dollars to your door.

Social Media Success: Measuring Your Return on Investment

While social media continues to grow as a marketing tool, people often struggle to find the most effective ways to use it to generate business. One question facing companies large and small is this: How do you measure social media success? Which data provide the most accurate and effective overview of your online presence? What tools can show whether you are getting the best return on your social media investment?

Identifying Your Metrics

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

We’ve seen the power of social media—it can create brand ambassadors for your company; it can directly affect sales and increase your customer base; and it can be a platform for outstanding customer service. There are also countless stories of social media coming back to haunt people, sometimes with disastrous results.

How to Develop Your Own Educational DVD

Many fitness professionals entertain the idea of developing their own DVD programs. You may have many amazing talents to share, so what better way to promote them than on camera? As the creators of 10 fitness videos, we have learned the ins and outs of making a DVD from start to finish.

Convert Facebook Fans to Members

Turning Facebook fans into club members is easier than you think! After a year of interviewing facility operators and businesses that were experiencing remarkable success using social media, I found the common thread: they’re giving people a reason to do more than just “like” them. The following three steps illustrate how to make it happen for you.

Step 1: Solve People’s Problems

Using Social Media Effectively: The Importance of Having a Plan

The growing prevalence of social media is having a tremendous influence on how we get our news, the way we communicate and our behavior as consumers. In the business world, the impacts of social media are just starting to be felt, but the recent economic downturn has definitely sparked growth in the use of it as a marketing tool.

Top Twitter® Tips

According to a 2010 report posted on the blog of the social networking site Twitter™, the organization claims 145 million registered users. The number has surely increased since 2010, and the users are not just individuals keeping their “followers” up-to-date with daily happenings; many business owners log on to market services and generate profits. “I have found Twitter to be helpful in enhancing my credentials and reputation with fitness consumers,” says Alexandra Williams, MA, IDEA author and co-creator of FunandFit.org.

The Anatomy of a Successful Website

Google the words personal trainer and your city. The results will reveal the good, bad and ugly of the Internet, from the stunning to the unreadable. But creating a website that lures customers and conveys the right info is achievable with some structural know-how. Discover the best ways to portray your prices, personality, and perspective online and watch your website work for you.

The Bare Bones

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