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Belly Up to the Raw Spice Bar

Inspiration to cook is often tied to learning a new technique, trying a new recipe or opening one’s mind to a new ingredient. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge.

Imagine taking a new culinary journey each month when a little brown package of lesser-known spices gets delivered to your doorstep along with delicious recipes and color photos that will beckon you to cook them.

For $6 per month, RawSpiceBar will send you three handpicked, small-batch, freshly ground spice blends. Each installment contains 1–2 ounces of spice blends that will star in three new dishes you can make that serve 8–10—a great way to test a spice you’ve never used before without having to commit to purchasing an entire bottle. You will also receive kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas for each spice blend.

For example, a recent month featured spices and recipes from Malaysia. Spice packets included kaffir lime blend (kaffir lime powder, turmeric, palm sugar and red chiles); sambal oelek (freshly ground chilies, cayenne, pepper, palm sugar and paprika); and laksa spices (coriander, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, black pepper- corns, cumin, fennel, star anise and cardamom). With clear recipes as your guide, you could try your hand
at making Malaysian curry laksa, sambal oelek and kaffir lime salad. Learn more at www.rawspicebar.com.

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