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Success Academy

Success Academy

Develop an Online Business That Thrives!

Building a successful online presence is easier than ever—if you have the right tools. The IDEA Online Success Academy will get you up to speed on the technology, social strategy, plans and programs you can implement to attract your ideal clients and make money while you sleep. Get first-hand guidance from online experts on how to step up, stand out and secure a prolific business online.

Success Academy

Sessions in this Specialty Track:

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-21-2022 8:40am • Session 236 • Lecture

Create a Subscription Studio That Rocks—and Sells!

Presented by Sadie Nardini

Online subscription studios are by far the most financially abundant business model. There’s no overhead, no showing up if you don’t want to, and a monthly income you can count on. Join Sadie, founder of digital studio, the Fit & Fierce Club, as she shows what she did to create an online business that’s gone gangbusters. She’ll share her 10-step “Create a Subscription Studio That Rocks!” blueprint that will help you maximize your time and energy and create plenty of passive income with minimal effort.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit, Success Academy

07-21-2022 4:00pm • Session 323 • Lecture

Using Technology to Build and Scale Your Personal Training Business

Presented by Lewis Agnew Natalie Kimball

As the world continues to embrace virtual training and online coaching, it’s important to understand the new rules of client acquisition and retention using technology. Lewis Agnew, My PT Hub’s COO, will unveil industry secrets to help expand your customer reach, enhance your retention rates, and grow your fitness business online. He’ll show you how to deliver successful marketing strategies—proven to engage new customers—and provide best practices to help you upsell to your existing customers through a range of digital offerings. Leave the session with renewed inspiration and a toolbox of technology that every fitness professional should have in their portfolio for 2022.

Success Academy

07-22-2022 9:45am • Session 446 • Lecture

Building Your Business with Instagram

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users and has been ranked as the most popular network on the planet. Let Alana show you how to master the art of Instagram by giving you tips and tools to start your business on the network. Learn to create a profile post, stories, and IGTV videos that will keep the attention of your clients and potential followers. Let’s make magic through Instagram. Make sure you bring your devices so you can apply the information provided within this interactive session.

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-22-2022 4:50pm • Session 567 • Lecture

Cultivating and Creating Community

Presented by Jessica Maurer

People crave community now more than ever, which means creating a community surrounding your business is critical to your success. Learn your next five steps to easily creating and cultivating a community through digital, virtual, and live options and how to generate your online awareness campaigns to bring more people into your community.

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-23-2022 7:30am • Session 617 • Lecture

5 Steps to Your Signature Transformation Program

Presented by Jessica Maurer

Ready to create your own transformational program that will stand above the rest? Learn a systematic method of program creation in five simple steps. This method allows you to create endless program sessions based on an adaptable design. Plus, this lecture will teach you the technology to help you automate your program, making it easier to run multiple sessions per year.

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 657 • Lecture

Blaze Your Trail—Women in Leadership

Presented by Lisa Druxman, MA Jessica Maurer

Women are an essential driving force in the fitness industry and are often forced to overcome unique challenges on their way to the top. Learn how two entrepreneurs defied the odds and created successful nationwide businesses. Lisa Druxman, MA, from FIT4MOM and Jessica Maurer from JHM Fitness will share their entrepreneurial journey, lessons and learnings. They will provide strategies to reduce the learning curve to help you see success and become the leader you were always meant to be.

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-23-2022 2:35pm • Session 727 • Lecture

Technology: The Final Frontier For Fitness

Presented by Brittany Baldwin, MA

With the rising popularity of health and wellness, the fitness industry and its subsidiary markets have become oversaturated with a variety of fitness equipment, training modalities, and gimmicks. How do we stand out and keep clients coming back for more?—Through technological integration. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the impact of fitness-related technological integration on user engagement and retention, and revenue generation. We’ll examine how technological integration within fitness programming gives fitness service providers a much-needed opportunity for further expansion and elevates the customer experience.

Training Groups, ACE Mover Academy, Success Academy

07-24-2022 7:30am • Session 802 • Lecture

Creating World Class Virtual Small-Group Training Sessions

Presented by Anthony Wall, MS

Small-group training continues to be one of the most popular exercise formats. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of physical activity, leading to new revenue streams for professionals. How can clubs continue to offer online training experiences? What does an online session look like? This class explores the logistics of creating online training sessions that work for everyone.

Business & Professional Development, Success Academy

07-24-2022 9:45am • Session 839 • Lecture

Email Marketing for Fitness Professionals

Presented by Lauren George, MS

Social media gets all the glory, but when it comes to actually monetizing your business, email marketing is what pushes your fitness business goals past the finish line. Serious business owners engage in email marketing, because relying on social media alone is risky and has been statistically proven to not be as effective at closing sales. You will learn how to develop a cost-effective, successful rinse-and-repeat process that you can rely on—unlike social media.