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Ace Mover Academy

Ace Mover Academy

Powered by the American Council on Exercise

The ACE Mover Academy features a robust lineup of sessions led by some of the industry’s top thought leaders who will provide you with best practices for getting people moving. For more than three decades, the American Council on Exercise has focused its efforts developing tried-and-true strategies to help all fit pros become more effective change agents. Now is your chance to take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and become the go-to movement leader in your community.

Powered by the American Council on Exercise
Powered by the American Council on Exercise

Sessions in this Specialty Track:

Training Groups, ACE Mover Academy

07-21-2022 7:30am • Session 210 • Workout

The Athletic Explosion Workout

Presented by Michael Piercy, MS

Help your clients unleash their inner athlete! In this session, Michael Piercy, former professional athlete and 2017 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, will take you through a heart-pumping, athletically charged workout utilizing techniques and tools you can use to create a sport-inspired small-group atmosphere in which clients can unlock their inner athleticism. Create sport-themed, fun environments to make your clients feel like every session is game day!

Training Science, ACE Mover Academy

07-21-2022 1:45pm • Session 284 • Lecture

Your Brain on Exercise

Presented by Ryan Glatt, MS

Health and fitness professionals have the opportunity to join allied health professionals in addressing the major epidemic of cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Although exercise has been proven to be beneficial to brain health and cognitive functioning, precise exercise prescriptions are not clear to the general public or those in the health and fitness industries. This lack of clarity has led to further confusion and leaves clients, patients, and caregivers wondering if they are doing all that is possible to stave off cognitive decline. This session will review the research on how certain modalities of exercise can differentially affect the brain, and will provide an initial framework for the assessment and programming of cognitive health within exercise programs.

Training Science, ACE Mover Academy

07-21-2022 4:00pm • Session 335 • Workshop

Balance Training and Corrective Exercises

Presented by Cody Sipe, PhD

Falls are a serious threat to older adults, and when they occur, they often lead to hip fracture, traumatic brain injury, disability, nursing home admission, and even death. With the growth of the aging population, fall prevalence is expected to increase, making balance training a high priority for this population. In this session, we will explore the key risk factors for falls, explain critical concepts in balance training, and practice evidence-based fall prevention assessments, exercises, and programs. Walk away with several programs and templates that you can incorporate to build balance into your training sessions on Monday.

Nutrition & Behavior Change, ACE Mover Academy

07-22-2022 7:30am • Session 403 • Lecture

Why Behavior Change Coaching Is the Future of Fitness

Presented by Janine Stichter, PhD

Everyone has goals they want to attain. Modern-day wisdom indicates that to reach their goals, especially for health and fitness, people need to simply double down on their motivation and willpower. Yet, observation and statistics on the health of our country clearly demonstrate that this approach is not working—not even a little bit! This session translates a half century of behavior-change science into applied techniques so fitness professionals can create real value and lasting results, including how and where these results are delivered.

Group Exercise, ACE Mover Academy

07-22-2022 9:45am • Session 458 • Workshop

Elevate Your Group Fitness Experiences by Incorporating Behavior Change

Presented by Staci Alden Shannon Fable

Behavior change is an essential ingredient for achieving lifelong health and wellness goals. But, incorporating it into group fitness is known to be tricky . . . until now. Introducing the ACE Mover Method for Group Fitness! Learn a unique class design and delivery system, adapt it to meet your needs, and experience how simple it can be to turn group experiences into personal ones to help improve lives through positive change.

Training Science, ACE Mover Academy

07-22-2022 2:35pm • Session 528 • Workshop

Chronic Back Pain: Training the Hips and Feet for Improved Results

Presented by Lauren Shroyer, MS, ATC

Chronic back pain sidelines tens of millions of people around the world. Disc injury is rarely the cause, and medical interventions are rarely the whole answer. Increased activity is the first recommendation. In this session, you will learn the impact of the kinetic chain on low-back function, and how to select appropriate exercises for the hips and feet, to decrease back pain while increasing activity.

Business & Professional Development, ACE Mover Academy

07-23-2022 7:30am • Session 603 • Lecture

The Importance of Person-Centered Language to Encourage an Inclusive and Diverse Fitness Community

Presented by Michelle Leachman, MS Kia Williams, MS

Exercise professionals have a critical role to play in the industry by approaching conversations with empathy, along with inclusive verbal and nonverbal language, and understanding community disparities. In this interactive session, you will enhance your communication skills through the practice of real-life scenarios and the discovery of implicit bias. Strengthen your awareness of the import and impact of verbal and nonverbal communication, so that you can create a diverse and inclusive community.

Training Techniques, ACE Mover Academy

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 643 • Lecture

A Client-Centered Approach to Program Design

Presented by Jacque Crockford, DHSc

Many exercise professionals can create the perfect exercise program and expertly cue form during personal training sessions, but helping clients achieve their own long-term goals requires a vision and plan you and your client should tackle together. The ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model (ACE IFT®) is a three-phase approach to exercise programming anchored in the ACE Mover™ Method with its client-centered approach grounded in the principles of behavior-change coaching. In this interactive lecture session, you’ll apply the ACE IFT® model, through the lens of the ACE Mover Method philosophy, to help all your clients reach their long-term goals.

Nutrition & Behavior Change, ACE Mover Academy

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 646 • Lecture

How to Provide Inclusive Nutrition Coaching

Presented by Katrina Pilkington, MS

Distinguishing between staying within the scope of authority while also providing sound nutrition guidance is a skill all fitness professionals should have. In this session you’ll gain a better understanding of how to appropriately guide clients and students with their nutrition needs and questions. You’ll find new strategies to educate individuals using inclusive messaging techniques that keep accessibility, affordability and unique differences in mind for those you coach.

Training Groups, ACE Mover Academy, Success Academy

07-24-2022 7:30am • Session 802 • Lecture

Creating World Class Virtual Small-Group Training Sessions

Presented by Anthony Wall, MS

Small-group training continues to be one of the most popular exercise formats. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of physical activity, leading to new revenue streams for professionals. How can clubs continue to offer online training experiences? What does an online session look like? This class explores the logistics of creating online training sessions that work for everyone.