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Club & Studio Summit Track

Club & Studio Summit

Learn to Create Your Dream Business

Get coaching from experienced industry peers, get unstuck in your business and get ahead of the game during the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit. Successful club and studio owners and managers will be on hand to help you overcome the struggles you face and offer plans to secure a lasting, resilient and profitable brick-and-mortar, online or hybrid business. Get upskilled in the freshest management, technology, sales, marketing strategies and more.

Club & Studio Summit Track

Sessions in this Specialty Track:

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-21-2022 8:40am • Session 237 • Lecture

The Administration of It All: Managing Multiple Facilities

Presented by Patricia Liston

How do you keep it all together when managing multiple locations and ensuring you have a diverse workforce that represents your community? We will discuss all of those aspects of your life as a fitness director/manager in this session. Schedules, instructor talent, and your overall class offerings will determine how successful you are at getting feet in your studio doors and attracting members to come back for more. This collaborative and informative session will give you the tools to become a top-level multi-facility manager.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit, Success Academy

07-21-2022 4:00pm • Session 323 • Lecture

Using Technology to Build and Scale Your Personal Training Business

Presented by Lewis Agnew Natalie Kimball

As the world continues to embrace virtual training and online coaching, it’s important to understand the new rules of client acquisition and retention using technology. Lewis Agnew, My PT Hub’s COO, will unveil industry secrets to help expand your customer reach, enhance your retention rates, and grow your fitness business online. He’ll show you how to deliver successful marketing strategies—proven to engage new customers—and provide best practices to help you upsell to your existing customers through a range of digital offerings. Leave the session with renewed inspiration and a toolbox of technology that every fitness professional should have in their portfolio for 2022.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-21-2022 4:00pm • Session 336 • Lecture

Club & Studio Breakout Talk

Presented by IDEA Faculty

Join your industry peers for a thought-provoking discussion on where we’re at, where we should go and how we get there. You’ll hear from six expert club & studio owners and managers on what they’ve done to achieve success. Then, you’ll have the opportunity meet with each of them and get your questions answered in an intimate roundtable environment. This is your chance to get up close and personal with industry peers and get guidance on how to overcome the challenges you face. This session is limited to 50 people.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-22-2022 7:30am • Session 407 • Lecture

A Concierge Program to Beat All Sales Tactics

Presented by Billy Polson

Your potential customers don’t want to be sold to; they want to feel inspired, special, and well taken care of from the moment they encounter your brand. Learn how to develop and streamline your own custom, new client “Concierge Program” that redefines your marketing, initial interactions, matchmaker process, and community integration practices in order to immediately connect with clients in a genuine way, boost your acquisition rate, and outperform greasy sales tactics every time.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-22-2022 9:45am • Session 457 • Lecture

Building a Successful Studio Centered Around the Fit Pro

Presented by Ashley Selman, MA

The game has changed! Now, more than ever, personal trainers maintain the client relationships and have several options for how and where they train their clients. So, how do you keep your trainers loyal when they can work with clients anywhere . . . for free? Instead of focusing on what your trainers can do for you, think about what you can do to make working in your studio more attractive for them. This session will help you get into the trainer mindset while providing the key ingredients for building a wildly successful studio where everyone feels valued and remains loyal. This approach will ultimately lead to more profits and less stress for you!

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-22-2022 2:35pm • Session 517 • Lecture

Building a Team for Maximum Impact

Presented by Farel Hruska

Whether you call it your village, your squad, or your family—we are meant to lean on, be vulnerable with, and thrive with others. Find, train, and build a team of passionate and dedicated trainers/instructors to make your business thrive! Farel will share meaningful and effective tips to create a team that lives and breathes your passion!

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-22-2022 4:50pm • Session 553 • Lecture

The Future of Wellness Technology

Presented by Sunil Rajasekar

Join Mindbody President and Chief Technology Officer Sunil Rajasekar as he shares his vision for the future of the wellness industry. Sunil will share how you can embrace the latest industry and tech trends to help your business thrive, now and in the years to come. You’ll also see how the latest tech and products in the fitness space are being designed with the sole purpose of enabling you to provide more powerful wellness experiences, more easily, to a world that needs them more than ever before.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-23-2022 7:30am • Session 606 • Lecture

The Relationship Bridge—From Marketing to Sales

Presented by Dina Blair

Building relationships is the key to successful selling, and this starts with marketing. In this lecture, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the difference between marketing and sales and how to connect with your potential clients/members by asking the right questions that lead to a larger membership and client base. Upon completion of this interactive session, you’ll have a clear understanding of marketing and sales, and a fresh start on creating an effective marketing plan targeting your demographic and incorporating sales-cycle best practices.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 647 • Lecture

Leverage Interns to Grow Your Programs and Business

Presented by Michelle Alencar, PhD Candice Campbell, MS Jade Rodgers, MA Jan Schroeder, PhD

A major—and costly—challenge for businesses is recruitment and retention of high-quality employees. Have you thought about starting an internship program? Creating an internship program may be new to you, but it can improve long-term retention within an organization dramatically, by 65%. This session will provide you with tools you need to start a successful internship program designed to improve your employee retention, enhance productivity, boost social media presence, and disseminate your expertise to incoming fitness professionals.

Business & Professional Development, Club & Studio Summit

07-23-2022 4:50pm • Session 767 • Lecture

Winning the Client Retention Game

Presented by Matthew Wright, MS

Let’s face it—the client retention game we played pre-pandemic is not the game we must play today. The shifted mindset of both the professional and the consumer has called for us to step up what we offer to our clients. It’s time to make the switch from “sessions and workouts” to “programs and communities.” This session will deliver current strategies to gain clients, innovative ways to serve them and to keep them training with you forever.